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Is noise cancelling headphones good for your ears? | Tech Coffee House

Are noise cancelling headphones good for your ears?

There are two brands that offer the best of the best active noise cancelling technology in their headphones. They are Bose and Sony. These are the two popular choices as you can often see...

Project Dragonfly by Google 0

What is Project Dragonfly?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was recently asked a bunch of amateurish questions by the US House Judiciary Committee. All but one question about a project called Dragonfly caught our attention. Project Dragonfly was an...

What is shadowbanning 0

What is Shadowbanning?

Last week, Donald Trump accused Twitter of shadowbanning many prominent Republicans in the United States. So what is shadowbanning and why is it a serious matter? Shadow banning is not a new term that the...