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Exchange other 140 currencies on your YouTrip app

YouTrip mobile wallet

With the launch of YouTrip last October, one question has been making its rounds among friends and readers, and that is, “What if the currency I need is not the ten default YouTrip currencies on its app?”

The answer? You can still pay for your food or shopping when you are travelling in one of the 140 countries. You only need to make sure that you have enough of your home currency, e.g. the Singapore dollar in your YouTrip app to make the payment.

The exchange rate of your home currency to the currency of the country of your travel depends on the indicative wholesale exchange rates by Mastercard.

Though it’s less convenient for you to know immediately from the app the real-time exchange rate, the Mastercard calculator is not too difficult to use.

So say, you want to convert your Singapore dollar to Malaysian Ringgit, all you need to do is to input the following:

  • Select the Transaction Date;
  • Insert the Bank fee, which is 0 per cent;
  • Select the Transaction Currency, i.e. your home currency, Singapore dollar;
  • Then select your Card Currency, i.e. the Malaysian Ringgit; and
  • Input the Transaction Amount to exchange and hit Calculate.
Access other 140 currencies on your YouTrip card

But one thing you need to take note is that the “Mastercard rate may change as it depends on when the merchant completes the transaction, according to YouTrip. That means the accurate rate will only be determined 1 to 2 days after your purchase or in rare cases, seven days.

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