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Technology spans across different industries and there could be things you don’t know what they are. So this is where we explain in a digestible format for your knowledge-thirsty brain.

How to use your MasterCard for transport

How to use your Mastercard for transport

By now, you should have heard the news about the ability to use Mastercard to take public transport rides in Singapore without having to top-up your account as long as you have sufficient credit...

What is Stadia? | Tech Coffee House

What is Stadia by Google?

At the 2019 Game Developers Conference, Google announced the launch of a new product called Stadia that will be available this year. You might have already seen its name appearing on your Facebook Newsfeed...

Project Dragonfly by Google 0

What is Project Dragonfly?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was recently asked a bunch of amateurish questions by the US House Judiciary Committee. All but one question about a project called Dragonfly caught our attention. Project Dragonfly was an...