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New Google research makes us wonder how people celebrate CNY in the past without Internet

Google has released its research findings on what Singaporeans search for on the Internet and watch on Youtube before and during the Chinese New Year (CNY), based on last year’s data. The research found...

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What is Project Dragonfly?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was recently asked a bunch of amateurish questions by the US House Judiciary Committee. All but one question about a project called Dragonfly caught our attention. Project Dragonfly was an...

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Google Flights arrives in Singapore

The next time you want to book a flight, instead of opening multiple tabs of airline and hotel websites to compare the prices, try Googling for it. Google has launched Google Flights in Singapore. And...

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iOS users are dumb?

NTU Confessions recently shared an interesting submission from an anonymous source, and it says: If you don’t wish to click on see more, here’s what he/she said: “Just an honest opinion, not offence. I’m...