Samsung unveils Galaxy A8 and A8+

Galaxy A8 and A8+ Launch

Samsung Electronics Singapore has debuted their two new smartphones – the Galaxy A8 and the Galaxy A8+ – at their newly revamped Samsung Experience Store at VivoCity today. Aesthetically, the Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+ look almost identical to the S-series, which is the high-end flagship smartphones that Samsung Electronics manufactures. They too have an

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Expedio Design wants to put a LighterSaber in your hands


It is a dream for Star Wars fans to get their hands on the lightsaber. Although that thought is far from becoming a reality, a passionate group of individuals, dubbed Expedio Design wants to bring you closer to realising your dream to own one by introducing the LighterSaber. As the name suggests, the LighterSaber is

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B&O PLAY unveils new Beoplay headphones – H8i and H9i


Bang & Olufsen or B&O has just released two new flagship headphones called the Beoplay H8i and Beoplay H9i. The two headphones are the successors to the previous models H8 and H9, with new and improved features and look to enhance consumers’ audio experience. In case you are wondering, the letter “i” in the names does

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Razer’s Project Linda – Laptop and Razor Phone combined

Razer's Project Linda - Tech Coffee House

The launch of the Razer Phone late last year was an incredible success for Razer. It’s the first smartphone that the Singaporean-founded gaming company has ever produced. It didn’t only turn the heads of consumers, but it also won tonnes of compliments from the tech media. Now that Razer has shown the world what it

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LG brings artificial intelligence into their products – DeepThinQ 1.0

LG DeepThinQ 1.0

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now a thing. Many technology companies have started integrating AI into their products, and that includes LG Electronics, which rolled out its own AI development tool called DeepThinQ 1.0. The DeepThinQ 1.0 integration introduces AI functions such as voice controls, video and sensor recognition and space and human body detection to

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