3 reasons why you need an iPod touch

3 reasons why you need an iPod touch 2019

3 reasons why you need an iPod touch

Apple had earlier unveiled the new iPod touch with the new A10 Fusion chip in May. But in this day and age of Spotify and Apple’s own Apple Music, why do you still need the iPod touch 2019?

Exercise time

The iPod touch has a 4-inch display and the size dwarfs in comparison to our smartphones. It’s also small and slim so it’s easy for you to carry around, which can be especially useful for exercise enthusiasts.

Being a gym-goer and a runner, I like listening to podcasts and music when I’m doing the workouts. I get annoyed when I receive alerts when I’m focusing on my training.

If you are like me, having the iPod touch will give you a quiet time working out while still being able to enjoy your entertainment without distraction. Because it only has Wi-Fi connectivity, it will sort of disconnect you from your busy-bee life for a bit.

For your kids

3 reasons why you need an iPod touch

Some of your kids might not be old enough to own a smartphone. So the iPod touch is an excellent alternative to let them experience what it is like to have a device to listen to Baby Shark or play some mind-stimulating games. With the Apple Arcade coming, perhaps you will end up fighting with your kids over game time on the iPod touch that’s if you don’t own an Apple device.

The Headphone Jack

Even though wireless earphones or headphones are getting popular these days, many people are still using wired ones. That’s because they feel that the sound quality is much better or they just don’t see a reason to go wireless.

With the headphone jack gradually heading into extinction, probably in the next few years, the iPod touch is the knight coming to the rescue before you switch over to wireless.

In the package, it also comes with Apple’s Earpods so it’s a win-win though the audio quality is relative.

Pricing and Availability

The iPod touch retails at S$299 for the 32GB model, S$469 for the 128GB model and S$639 for the 256GB model. You can get it via Apple’s website, in the Apple Store app and Apple Stores. It comes in space grey, white, gold, blue, pink and (PRODUCT) RED.

There you have it. Do you agree with our reasons? Let us know your thoughts.