Women ‘shoppertained’ during Lazada’s inaugural Women’s Festival

Women ‘shoppertained’ during Lazada’s inaugural Women’s Festival

Women ‘shoppertained’ during Lazada’s inaugural Women’s Festival

Women across Southeast Asia flexed their purse power during Lazada’s inaugural Women’s Festival as they watched, shopped and played on Southeast Asia’s biggest eCommerce and shoppertainment platform, which sparked a month-long shopping rush across the region.

The Women’s Festival ignited consumer awareness and demand for Lazada’s fast-growing and trendy fashion and beauty assortment. For instance, sales of skincare products and muslim wear during the campaign period more than doubled normal day volumes. Women shoppers snapped up popular items such as top-handle bags and shoes.

Shoppertainment sparks interest, drives engagement and delivers sales

One highlight of the Women’s Festival was how Lazada brought fashion and beauty to everyday consumers in Southeast Asia through shoppertainment, which combines shopping and entertainment, to connect sellers, brands and consumers. The activities included:

  • In-app games such as the Shop-and-Match in which everyone across the region logged on as often as six times a day to browse and play games. Nine in 10 shoppers scored vouchers.
  • “See-Now-Buy-Now” fashion shows that were streamed live on the Lazada app and enabled people to snag whatever product that caught their eyes on the fashion runway. The fashion shows, which showcased the best not only international brands but also local sellers and designers, drew more than 300,000 views in Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. The shows also attracted the trendiest group of luminaries, including local celebrities, fashion editors, influencers and their fans.
  • “Magic Mirror” virtual shopping experience which made its debut in Bangkok. Shoppers in Thailand were able to not only try on their trendiest looks but also pay and go, without the hassle of queueing up for dressing rooms or the cashiers.

Some of these sellers such as Salisa Cheewapansri saw their sales soar by at least 20x compared to normal day volumes. Ms Cheewapansri, who owns Salisa Clothing, said that all items sold out within half a day. Most sellers also drew more eyeballs and garnered new followers to their stores.

Lazada Group’s chief marketing officer Mary Zhou said, “At Lazada, we empower sellers and support them with game-changing marketing and Shoppertainment initiatives to better engage their customers and even become leaders in their fields. That is how they can ultimately excite customers to drive the growth of their eBusinesses and online shopping. So everyone can look forward to more live streaming and high-quality content that will be launched in the coming months.”

Women are becoming one of the world’s most powerful consumers who are driving the rise of SHEconomy globally. In the eCommerce landscape, 85% of all brand purchases are made by women, while 22% of women shop online at least once a day.[1]

“With the Women’s Festival, we want to celebrate women in Southeast Asia through empowerment, personal confidence, and embrace the freedom to explore.  Women are a truly significant part of Lazada’s eCommerce ecosystem, therefore, Lazada wants to bring onboard more women sellers and buyers onto the platform,” said Lazada Group President Jing Yin.

[1] http://she-conomy.com/facts-on-women