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Huawei releases EMUI 9.0 update to Mate 9 and P10

Last updated on June 9, 2019

Huawei EMUI 9.0

Love your older Huawei smartphones? You will love it even more as Huawei has released its EMUI 9.0 to its HUAWEI Mate 9 and P10 for a greatly improved user experience.

The upgrade from EMUI 8.X to EMUI 9.0 is said to benefit more than 80 million users around the world. According to Huawei, “the figure could reach 100 million users by the end of June.”

With the new upgrade, users will have a natural UI, ultra-convenient full-screen gesture navigation and a smoother operational experience. Not to mention, it will feature the GPU Turbo 2.0.


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