How to use your MasterCard for transport
Credit: Mastercard

By now, you should have heard the news about the ability to use Mastercard to take public transport rides in Singapore without having to top-up your account as long as you have sufficient credit card limit.

So here’s how you can set up yours easily.

  1. Register an account on the SimplyGo App.
  2. Go to My Card and add your card. Not sure why you are required to add a name to your card but perhaps it will come in handy when you add multiple cards to it. Adding your card to the app also allows you to check your transactions or if you ever need to dispute any transactions, it will come in handy.
  3. Input your Mastercard details and you are set.

I strongly recommend that you complete the above process so that you can easily manage your transport expenses. But if you don’t want to create an account with SimplyGo, you can directly tap your card on the scanner on the bus or at the MRT gantry. Do this only if your Mastercard does not have a CEPAS logo printed on the back of the card.

If you have the CEPAS logo on your card, bring your card to the General Ticketing Machine and get it activated.

How to use your Mastercard for transport

One thing you should take note of when using Mastercard for your trips is that it does not show your balance each time you tap. Instead, the words, “Bank Card Usage” will appear.

To check your trip, similarly, add the card to your SimplyGo app (if you have not) so that you can see the breakdown of your public transport expenses.

Oh. It also works with your Apple Pay too, so you don’t have to whip out your Mastercard every time you need to take a public transport ride. Just wave it with your smartphone. If you want to link it to your Apple Pay, simply add the Mastercard to the Wallet and it should work. But remember that you have to get ready the Apple Pay function before tapping.

Update: You will get a notification on your smartphone after you tap out for your trip.

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