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Firevase, non-tech product built by Samsung

Last updated on April 21, 2019

Firevase, non-tech product built by Samsung
Firevase by Samsung’s subsidiary, Cheil Worldwide

You may have seen its video but for those who have not, there’s a link to it down below.

Firevase is a vase built by Samsung’s subsidiary, Cheil Worldwide. 

As its name suggests, besides being a flower vase, it does have something to do with fire and that’s to put the fire out.

Unlike regular vases, Firevase has two chambers built into it. It has an inner chamber that holds water for your flowers and an outer chamber that contains potassium carbonate.

When a fire breaks out in your home, grab the Firevase and hurl it into the fire to break the vase. What happens thereafter is science.

Once broken, the outer chamber will release the potassium carbonate, which immediately reduces temperature and suppresses oxygen. As we know, fire thrives on oxygen to burn, giving it none, kills it.

We are not certain that the Firevase is an useful alternative to fire extinguishers, but we believe that they will complement each other. Besides, it has no expiry date.


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