5 keyboard shortcuts for YouTube you need to know

5 keyboard shortcuts for YouTube you need to know

5 keyboard shortcuts for YouTube you need to know

If you binge watch YouTube as we do, then there are some helpful keyboard shortcuts that you ought to know. Here are five that we use often. You are welcome!

Fast-forward and backwards by 10 seconds

We all know that pressing the left and right arrows bring us 5 seconds forward and backwards the video but what about 10 seconds?

To do that, you only need to give “J” a press and it will backtrack your video by 10 seconds. Pressing “L” will fast-forward it by 10 seconds. This is so going to speed up our watch time.

Reduce volume by 5%

Say you want to reduce the audio of your volume by 5% or increase it, all you have to do is to press the Up/Down arrow and voila!

Quick access to search bar

Sometimes you just don’t want to lift your hands away from your keyboard and click on the search bar using your mouse. We’ve all been there.

To access your search bar without touching your mouse, press “/” and you can start typing your next search.

Quick access to Closed Captions/Subtitles

Don’t you hate that sometimes some YouTubers mumble? Well, to try and see if YouTube caught it and generated Closed Captions/Subtitles for those parts you missed, press “C”.

Minimise your video to the bottom right

Let’s say you want to know what other videos you can add to your Watch Later list but don’t want to open new tabs to view or close the video you are still playing, click “i”. The video you are watching will slide to the bottom right so that you can surf for more videos while watching your current content.

To put it back up, press “i” again.