Logitech’s flagship creative keyboard, the Logitech CRAFT, is getting new updates expanding the possibilities of what the keyboard could do.

The new updates include the support for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Reader DC on Windows, and Preview and Quicktime on Mac.

Developers can also make use of the newly developed CRAFT Software Developer Kit (SDK) “augment CRAFT’s user experience by integrating app-specific controls with the keyboard’s creative input dial.” The added supports will benefit users as they can do more than what it could.

Head of Video Collaboration for Logitech Asia Pacific and Managing Director for ASEAN, Moninder Jain said:

“We’ve received extremely positive feedback about the CRAFT keyboard since launch, but wanted to support more apps, with more customisation options for an even deeper and more engaging creative experience.”

The support for the Adobe Lightroom Class CC will allow users, especially photographers to manage the software tools while editing their photographs with just a spin of the dial. Photo-editing will get more efficient than before.

CRAFT updates are already available through Logitech Options 6.8, a free software that optimises your experience with Logitech products. As for developers, you can access the CRAFT SDK here.

Other updates:

  • Adobe Reader DC on Windows: Zoom, change the page and scroll horizontally
  • VLC Media Player on Windows: Skip forward and backward while watching a video or adjust the volume
  • Preview on Mac: Zoom, change the page and scroll horizontally
  • Quicktime on Mac: Skip forward and backward while watching a video or adjust the volume
  • Safari for Mac: Navigate between tabs
  • Spotify for Mac and Windows: Play and pause your music, change the volume, or change songs


Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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