Meet Joshua Goh, the visionary CEO behind Scorpio Electric, and explore his remarkable journey from finance to electrifying the future of transportation. In this interview, Joshua shares the story behind his passion for automobiles, ignited by his family’s entrepreneurial legacy, and how it led him to helm Scorpio Electric.

Discover how Scorpio Electric, under Joshua’s leadership, has achieved groundbreaking milestones, from the impressive X1 electric motorcycle to securing substantial funding. Dive into his vision for electric mobility’s future, fostering innovation within his team, and Scorpio Electric’s proactive approach to industry challenges.

Joshua Goh, CEO, Scorpio Electric

Can you share the story behind your passion for automobiles and how it led you to pursue a career in the electric mobility industry as the CEO of Scorpio Electric?

My introduction to the automotive industry has been shaped by my father’s involvement in our family business, as well as his extensive network of friends and business associates. Initially, my interests were directed towards the finance sector; however, as I recognised the challenges my family faced with pursuing an entrepreneurial path, I reconsidered my direction. Ultimately, I decided to join our family enterprise, capitalizing on the valuable resources that we have painstakingly built over the years.

My aspiration extends beyond my current role as a distributor and intermediary within the industry. My firm determination is to propel our business forward and elevate it by transitioning into a brand owner’s role. This aspiration is driven by my desire to serve as an inspiration for fellow Singaporeans, especially those who find themselves in intermediary positions. Through my journey, I aim to exemplify the potential that exists within our local entrepreneurial landscape and highlight the remarkable opportunities it holds.

Scorpio Electric has achieved significant milestones under your leadership. Could you highlight some key achievements and explain how they align with the company’s vision for the future?

Throughout the course of my career, I have been fortunate to attain several remarkable milestones that have significantly shaped my journey.
In June, during our participation in Nexus Europe held in Madrid, Spain, a pivotal event for our company, we experienced a surge of elation as unanimous affirmation for our flagship product, the X1, poured in from all our distributors. Their genuine amazement at the distinctiveness and uniqueness of our brand and product was truly gratifying.

Notably, leading the initial design and development stages of our premium electric motorcycle, the X1 stands out as a notable accomplishment. This exceptional vehicle boasts impressive specifications, including a top speed of 105 km/h and an industry-leading range of 200 km on a single charge, setting a new standard within the electric mobility industry. The virtual pre-order launch of the X1 at the close of 2021 marked a significant triumph, evidenced by a robust order book and the enthusiastic anticipation exhibited by our fervent fans and supporters.

The acquisition of funding totalling US$6.75 million in January 2023 has played an instrumental role in propelling our aspirations forward. This funding enabled us to manufacture the initial batch of X1 pre-production prototypes. I hold the utmost confidence that the X1 will embody an even more extraordinary form as we continue to advance through its development and testing phases.
In our pursuit of excellence, we have actively pursued the expansion of our global footprint and the cultivation of strategic partnerships to enhance our range of product offerings. Collectively, these accomplishments are a testament to our overarching vision – to emerge as trailblazers within the electric mobility industry, consistently pushing the boundaries of technology, and crafting distinctive electric motorcycles tailored for the visionary early adopters of electric mobility.

As a visionary leader, how do you envision the future of electric mobility, and what role do you see Scorpio Electric playing in shaping that future?

As a leader with a visionary outlook, I foresee a future in which electric mobility transforms into the standard mode of transportation, thereby revolutionizing the way we travel and significantly diminishing our carbon footprint.
In this journey, I perceive Scorpio Electric as a central player, assuming a pivotal role in shaping this transformative future. Our commitment lies in propelling technological progress, innovating to produce state-of-the-art electric vehicles, and broadening our market presence.
With an unwavering determination, our objective is to occupy the forefront of sustainable transportation solutions, thus laying down the path for a world that is both greener and more attuned to environmental consciousness.

Fostering innovation and creativity is essential for any company’s success. How do you create an environment that encourages innovation and creativity within the team at Scorpio Electric?

We foster an environment of openness and collaboration within our workplace, placing a strong emphasis on the appreciation and acknowledgement of varied viewpoints and concepts brought forth by every member of our team.

As part of our approach, we organize routine brainstorming sessions that serve as platforms for our employees to delve into fresh concepts and solutions, encouraging creativity and innovation to flourish.

Moreover, we allocate dedicated resources to our research and development endeavours, thereby empowering our team to venture into uncharted territory and explore groundbreaking technologies within the realm of electric mobility.

The electric vehicle industry faces various challenges in its path to widespread adoption. From your perspective, what are some of the significant challenges, and how has Scorpio Electric prepared itself to address them effectively?

The electric vehicle industry grapples with a series of challenges, encompassing concerns like range anxiety, inadequacies in charging infrastructure, and public perceptions.

In response to these challenges, the Scorpio Electric X1 stands out by offering an industry-leading 200km range, aiming to alleviate range-related concerns. Our proactive engagement with the public is geared towards fostering awareness about the manifold benefits of electric mobility and dispelling any misconceptions that may exist.
Furthermore, we establish close collaborations with regulatory bodies and key industry stakeholders. This partnership is crucial in our efforts to advocate for favourable policies and incentives specifically designed to bolster the electric vehicle sector.

Besides your professional pursuits, we understand you are an advocate for road safety. How do you believe that electric mobility can contribute to creating safer transportation systems, and what initiatives has Scorpio Electric undertaken in this regard?

Electric mobility holds the potential to make substantial contributions towards establishing safer transportation systems. This is due in part to the inclusion of advanced safety features that are commonly found in electric vehicles, which play a role in lowering the likelihood of accidents.
In our commitment to advancing road safety, we are actively investigating potential collaborations with road safety organizations. Through such partnerships, our intention is to bolster road safety measures, ensuring the well-being of all individuals who utilize the roadways.

Your active lifestyle, excelling in the sport of fitness, CrossFit, reflects your determination to tackle challenges head-on. How do you balance your personal interests with the responsibilities of leading a successful company like Scorpio Electric?

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance involves finding an equilibrium between my personal passions, such as fitness and CrossFit, and my duties as the CEO of Scorpio Electric. This equilibrium is vital in ensuring that I fulfil my responsibilities effectively.

Engaging in an active lifestyle has proven to be invaluable in my capacity as a leader. It contributes to my ability to remain focused, determined, and resilient in my role at the helm of the company.
The commitment to regular exercise and the pursuit of my personal interests serves as a means of rejuvenation. It empowers me to confront challenges with renewed energy and a fresh outlook, thus benefiting both my personal development and my effectiveness as a leader.

Sustainability and continuous learning are values you embody. How do these values translate into your leadership at Scorpio Electric and contribute to the company’s mission and goals?

Sustainability and a commitment to ongoing learning serve as cornerstones of my leadership philosophy within Scorpio Electric. These principles play a crucial role in shaping our approach to decision-making and underpinning our overarching business strategies. A paramount emphasis is placed on integrating sustainable practices into every facet of our operations, spanning from the inception of product development to the intricacies of supply chain management.

Our organisation has a profound dedication to nurturing an environment of continuous learning and professional growth. By fostering such a culture, we cultivate adaptability and foster innovation among our team members. These values, seamlessly woven into our fabric, are a direct reflection of our broader mission: to usher in a sustainable future through the medium of electric mobility. It is through these principles that we actively contribute to the enduring success of Scorpio Electric while simultaneously generating a positive impact on the global stage.

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