Similarweb, a prominent digital data and analytics company, has introduced the beta release of SimilarAsk, an AI assistant integrated into their platform designed to respond to real user questions. SimilarAsk aims to offer users an efficient and talented market researcher, strategy consultant, and data scientist rolled into one, providing instant results. By combining Similarweb’s unique digital data with advanced AI models, the company seeks to create substantial value for its customers.

This AI-driven chatbot-style interface enhances the platform’s capabilities by providing faster answers to critical questions, eliminating the need for users to navigate multiple screens, aggregate results manually, and consult with analysts or consultants. Similarweb’s goal is to provide its entire customer base with answers that were previously accessible only to large companies with advanced analytics teams.

SimilarAsk will be particularly beneficial for new users who are not yet familiar with the Similarweb platform. While experienced users may continue using the menu-driven interface for routine queries, the AI assistant becomes invaluable when they have unique questions that may not have been anticipated by the platform’s designers. It can generate database queries and access results that were previously unavailable within the platform.

The launch of SimilarAsk will occur in two phases: 1.0 Beta is released first, followed by 2.0. In its initial phase, SimilarAsk Beta accelerates access to existing insights within Similarweb’s solutions, allowing users to submit natural language queries in multiple languages. The upcoming 2.0 version will be a dynamic AI tool capable of generating database queries and producing results for novel questions.

Similarweb customers can work with their sales or account representatives to have SimilarAsk added to their accounts. This AI assistant has the potential to streamline data analysis and enhance the user experience within the Similarweb platform.

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