Human8 Launches Employee AI Prompt School and Proprietary AI Research Assistant to Amplify Human Potential

The consultancy embraces AI revolution to augment human capabilities

Human8, formerly known as InSites Consulting, unveiled the introduction of an employee AI prompt school and its proprietary Square AI research assistant, marking its foray into the world of AI-driven consultancy. Led by Chief Platform Officer Annelies Verhaeghe, the global agency aims to harness the power of artificial intelligence to empower and “supercharge” humans.

Human8 has always been at the forefront of embracing technology and innovation, similar to the internet and social media revolution. However, they recognized the need to overcome data privacy obstacles before delving into AI experimentation. Verhaeghe explained, “To safely and creatively experiment with AI, we first needed to overcome the data privacy obstacle.”

The adoption of AI in the Asia Pacific region has surged in 2023, with a particular focus on improving employee productivity, according to an IDC report. The introduction of the Square AI research assistant enables Human8’s team of consultants in APAC to keep up with this acceleration. Maz Amirahmadi, Managing Director of APAC, noted the strong interest among colleagues and clients to collaborate with AI.

To address concerns about data ownership and confidentiality, Human8 developed its proprietary AI research assistant earlier this year. The assistant, powered by the ChatGPT algorithm, underwent a series of experiments using real research data, putting generative AI to the test.

Verhaeghe emphasized the importance of human involvement in AI utilization, stating, “AI in the hands of a person who doesn’t know how to use it is not truly artificial intelligence but rather artificial stupidity.” She highlighted the necessity of asking the right questions, understanding clients’ needs, and prompting the system appropriately. Trained humans play a crucial role in effectively leveraging AI.

To facilitate successful collaboration between consultants and artificial intelligence, Human8 launched an AI prompt school. This initiative equips their global workforce with the necessary skills to harness AI’s potential while ensuring data quality and diversity.

Building upon their research-on-research journey, Human8 has implemented its personal AI research assistant across its global business, enhancing project efficiency. By leveraging AI automation, the consultancy envisions more efficient analysis of unstructured data, allowing consultants to focus on interpretation and consultancy, which adds value through human expertise.

Verhaeghe concluded by emphasizing the importance of combining human and machine intelligence. She stated, “Relying solely on AI algorithms trained on public internet data will not provide the necessary insights for companies to gain a competitive advantage. By engaging the right people in more versatile ways, we can gather diverse deep data. When combined with consultants who thoroughly understand clients’ businesses and know how to prompt AI systems effectively, fresh and actionable insights are generated. Just as humans need machines, machines also need humans.” Human8 aims to unlock the full potential of AI-human collaboration, delivering valuable and actionable insights to their clients.

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