Unveils New influencer Marketing Platform, Simplifying Collaborations Between Brands and Creators

The launch of streamlines influencer marketing programs, improving user experience for brands and creators

Leading partnership management platform has announced the introduction of, a comprehensive influencer marketing platform. The new technology allows advertisers to discover, create, manage, and scale influencer marketing programs from a single interface, revolutionizing the user experience for both brands and creators.

With the creator economy estimated to be worth over $100 billion, marketers face significant challenges in finding the right partners and evaluating creators based on their specific needs. A recent study by also revealed that creators experience similar difficulties, with 86% of them expressing the challenge of identifying quality prospective brand partners for long-term collaborations.

The launch of brings together creators and brands within a unified platform, facilitating the discovery of new partnerships, contract management, payment processes, and optimization based on comprehensive performance insights.

This advanced technology provides brands with a marketplace to discover potential partners by applying filters such as geographical location, social platform, follower size, vertical, and soon, AI-based recommendations. Simultaneously, creators can proactively seek out brand collaborations, fostering efficient and mutually beneficial relationships. The platform’s user-friendly interface enables brands and creators to collaborate effectively and monitor performance in a convenient and consolidated manner. This comprehensive view enables stakeholders at all levels, from CMOs to managers, to better understand the incremental awareness and revenue generated by their partnerships.

David A. Yovanno, CEO at, emphasized the importance of innovative technology to stay ahead in the fast-paced creator economy. He stated, “Creators are a critical and expanding part of our industry, and with, we are enabling clients not only to scale these partnerships, which is notoriously difficult, but also to help establish longer-term relationships. But first, brands must know what’s working, and tracking and performance insights are where has been leading the market for some time.”

By providing a single login and integrated interface, empowers brands to drive optimal customer journeys from the awareness stage through to conversion. Brands can diversify their partner mix and compensate creators using a variety of models, including CPA, commission, flat fees, or a combination thereof. The research conducted by in partnership with AdWeek indicated that the majority of creators prefer a combination of flat fees and performance bonuses, known as a PostPlus compensation model. Until now, the industry has lacked a platform offering flexible and scalable payment options within a single interface.’s new offering provides brands and creators with numerous advantages, including:

  1. Discovering best-fit partners: Brands can recruit qualified influencers from a highly vetted marketplace, evaluating their performance metrics across various social platforms. Creators can search for campaigns that align with their interests and values, allowing them to start working with brands and earning income immediately.
  2. Faster and flexible payouts: With automated contracting, brands and creators can select payout models tailored to their needs, including commission-based or performance-based payment structures, flat fees, or combinations of both. Creators benefit from the fastest payouts in the industry, often processed as quickly as the next day.
  3. End-to-end campaign management with transparency: Brands and creators can negotiate flexible contract terms, automate task reminders and payouts, manage usage rights, and more. The intuitive interface and tools facilitate efficient management and scalability of partnerships.
  4. Accurate tracking, analysis, and attribution of performance: Brands and creators gain access to best-in-class performance tracking and reporting, utilizing first-party creator data. Detailed performance insights encompass engagement, demographics, conversions, and attribution. This information allows stakeholders to assess the effectiveness of their content and focus their efforts accordingly.
  5. Dynamic content management: Brands and agencies can store, review, share, and amplify influencer content directly from their account. Creators can easily store and share published content, assets, and creative for their brand partners across multiple social networks.

In addition, enterprise clients seeking fully customizable environments to collaborate directly with influencers and creators can access a Branded Creator Portal. An example of this is the recently announced partnership with Walmart Creator.

Content creators have also expressed their excitement about Chloe Wen, a Nashville lifestyle influencer and YouTuber, highlighted the platform’s ability to provide detailed analytics and streamline partnerships. She stated, “All of these features will be of great value to both creators and brands, making what we hope to be intentional and seamless partnerships.”

Becca Bahrke, CEO of Illuminate Social, a creator management and brand partnerships company that has partnered with for over six years, praised the platform’s negotiation options and its ability to provide fruitful partnerships. She added, “The future of influencer marketing is where influencer and affiliate merge, and this platform truly brings the two together.”

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