Deel Launches Deel Bookkeeping to Streamline Financial Management for Global Contractors

New suite of products simplifies invoicing, expense tracking, and tax preparation

Global HR company Deel has announced the launch of Deel Bookkeeping, a comprehensive suite of products designed to assist contractors in managing their finances from anywhere in the world. With the aim of alleviating the challenges and risks faced by global contractors in different countries, Deel Bookkeeping provides a unified platform for invoicing, expense tracking, and tax preparation.

Freelancers and contractors often encounter difficulties when it comes to navigating diverse laws and compliance requirements across borders. Invoicing, expense tracking, and tax preparation can be complex and time-consuming tasks. Deel Bookkeeping offers a solution by simplifying these processes, allowing freelancers to generate professional invoices, manage work expenses, and file local taxes all in one place. This integration saves valuable time and eliminates the need for multiple platforms, streamlining business and operational needs.

Karen Ng, Regional Head of Expansion and Market Lead for Hong Kong, Singapore, ASEAN, and India, expressed Deel’s commitment to supporting global workers. Ng stated, “The more flexible today’s workforces get, Deel is also constantly striving to make life easier for global workers. Amidst the range of products that Deel already offers to meet the evolving needs of global teams, we are excited to now add the Invoice Generator and Expense Tracker to the line.”

Deel’s Invoice Generator empowers users to swiftly create and send invoices to clients, significantly reducing administrative burdens. The platform also allows for the storage of invoice details, simplifying the process of generating future invoices for repeat clients. By centralizing all invoices in a secure location, Deel Bookkeeping facilitates seamless tax filing. Furthermore, the Expense Tracker enables users to effortlessly upload receipts, categorize expenses, and assign them to specific clients for easy reimbursement. This functionality saves contractors valuable time during end-of-year bookkeeping and provides enhanced visibility over spending, minimizing the risk of missed expenses.

Later this year, the Bookkeeping bundle will introduce two additional features to the APAC region: Tax Advice and Tax Summaries. These features will connect users with trusted local tax advisors, facilitate tax filing, and offer a comprehensive overview of a worker’s overall income and expenses derived from all invoices and expenses.

By providing a unified platform for financial management, Deel Bookkeeping allows freelancers to effortlessly navigate the Singapore market and other regions. Contractors can now manage every aspect of their financial needs from a single platform, regardless of their location, ensuring maximum efficiency and ease of operations.

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