Scorpio Electric Reaches Engineering Milestones for Highly Anticipated Electric Motorcycle, X1

Singapore’s Scorpio Electric achieves significant development stages for its premium electric motorcycle, showcased at Nexus Europe 2023

Scorpio Electric, Singapore’s pioneering electric motorcycle company, has achieved a major milestone for its highly anticipated electric motorcycle, the Scorpio Electric X1 (X1), at the recent Nexus Europe 2023 conference held in Madrid, Spain.

The Nexus Europe 2023 conference served as a platform for European business partners to gain insights into the Scorpio Electric brand, engineering advancements, and the future product roadmap as the X1 nears the final stages of development.

Scorpio Electric has accomplished several crucial engineering milestones throughout the X1’s development, including:

  • Proof of Concept (POC) – 2019: The concept ideation of a premium electric motorcycle tailored for urban eco-conscious individuals, setting the foundation for the X1’s development.
  • Engineering Prototype (E1) – 2020: The integration of Scorpio Electric’s vehicle design ideals with the development powertrain, merging aesthetics with functionality.
  • Engineering Showcase Prototype 2nd Generation (E2S) – 2021: A non-propulsion prototype designed for showcasing engineering progress, closely resembling the X1.
  • Engineering Testing Prototype 2nd Generation (E2T) – 2021: Rigorous performance and durability testing conducted on closed circuits and public roads, evaluating design performance, reliability, and component durability.
  • Engineering Validation Prototype (E2V) – 2022: Validation of the final design intent, with further optimization of power and regeneration mapping for an engaging rider experience.

Scorpio Electric is currently in the final phase of development, working on the Pre-Production Prototypes (PPR) in collaboration with Chinese enterprise Shenzhen BYD Electronics. These PPR units will undergo thorough testing, certification, and homologation to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance are met.

The company plans to showcase the X1 at the Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (EICMA) exhibition in Milan, Italy, scheduled for November 7-12, 2023. This prestigious event will serve as an ideal platform for Scorpio Electric to unveil the X1 to the public and provide an exclusive preview of their future electric motorcycle models.

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