Google has introduced its most extensive global expansion of generative AI in Search with the launch of Search Generative Experience (“SGE”) in over 120 countries, including Singapore. This opt-in experiment, housed in Search Labs, brings forth an AI-powered experience, available in English, aimed at redefining the capabilities of a search engine in a bold and responsible manner.

Leveraging new breakthroughs in generative AI, Google is revolutionizing the traditional search engine, unlocking the potential to answer entirely new types of questions and transforming the organization of information in Search. The technology not only provides an AI-powered overview of key information but also offers links to a broader range of sources on the results page, facilitating quicker access to answers.

With a focus on improving the search experience, SGE introduces generative AI capabilities that present users with an AI-powered overview and suggested next steps beneath the search results. For instance, a query like “Does honey ever spoil?” will trigger SGE to deliver an overview, allowing users to tap on suggested follow-up queries or type in specific questions, enhancing the conversational exploration of topics.

To ensure a diverse range of perspectives, SGE features a wide array of voices and sources, directing attention to content on the web. Google emphasizes its commitment to driving valuable traffic to web content even as generative AI becomes an integral part of Search.

Acknowledging the importance of ads in supporting the web ecosystem, Google ensures that Search ads maintain a prominent presence in dedicated ad slots throughout the page within this new generative experience. The company remains committed to ads transparency, maintaining distinguishable features such as the “Sponsored” label in bold black text.

In adopting a responsible and deliberate approach, Google emphasizes the rigorous training of the models used in SGE to uphold Search’s high standards for quality, with continuous improvement over time. Additional safeguards, including limiting the types of queries where generative AI capabilities will appear, are implemented to maintain a responsible user experience.

Google invites users to explore SGE as an experiment in Search Labs, accessible on Chrome desktop and the latest version of the Google App on Android and iOS. Opting in allows users to test the capabilities of SGE and provide valuable feedback directly to the teams involved. Access to this experiment begins today, reinforcing Google’s commitment to innovation and user-driven enhancements in the realm of search technology.

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