Remote, a leader in building, managing, and supporting globally distributed workforces, has introduced Remote Talent, a marketplace connecting employers and job seekers. Integrated with Remote’s global HR platform, Remote Talent offers a streamlined solution for companies and individuals looking to connect on a global scale.

Key features of Remote Talent include:

  • Employer Capabilities: Employers can leverage Remote Talent to find candidates for open roles, going beyond traditional job boards. The platform allows companies to advertise openings for both hybrid and on-site local roles while providing access to a pool of qualified global talent with remote work experience.
  • Integration with Remote Platform: Fully integrated with the Remote platform, companies can open roles to candidates worldwide. The seamless integration facilitates onboarding, local currency payments, and overall management throughout the employment lifecycle with built-in global compliance.
  • Job Seeker Features: Job seekers can explore remote roles with leading companies through Remote Talent. The platform enhances the job search experience by providing visibility into the remote nature of a role before applying. Users can filter by time zone requirements, salary in multiple currencies, travel obligations, and more.
  • Upcoming AI Tools: Remote Talent plans to introduce new tools integrating artificial intelligence to help candidates get discovered by top companies and matched with suitable roles. Additionally, integrated global knowledge tools will assist companies in making informed decisions about hiring and international compensation.

Traditional job search tools often lack features to meet the needs of remote employers and candidates, leading to location-based searches and incomplete job listings. Remote Talent aims to enhance the experience for both employers and candidates, allowing for detailed specification of remote and hybrid roles, effective onboarding, local payroll setup, and compliance backed by a global infrastructure.

Remote has also expanded its offerings to contractors and freelancers with the launch of the Freelancer Hub. Freelancers can now use Remote for free to manage operational tasks, including creating globally compliant contracts, generating invoices, and receiving payments in over 70 currencies.

“Today, talented people all over the world have more opportunity than ever to build fulfilling careers remotely – but the process of finding and hiring remote candidates is broken for both individuals and employers alike,” said Job van der Voort, CEO and co-founder of Remote. “In building this new marketplace we’ve optimized for simplicity and transparency, so it’s easier than ever for job-seekers and companies everywhere to find the perfect match without location as a barrier.”

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