TL;DR: The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will be rolling out the ERP 2.0 system, commencing with the phased installation of a cutting-edge On-Board Unit (OBU) from next month. This GNSS-based system is poised to replace the longstanding ERP infrastructure in operation for a quarter-century. All qualifying Singapore-registered vehicles will receive the OBU at no cost during the installation period. Fleet vehicles will lead the transition, commencing on Wednesday 1 November 2023, with other vehicles to follow suit. The comprehensive installation process is slated for completion by the end of 2025, promising enhanced features such as real-time traffic updates and streamlined payment options for parking and tolls.

Installation to Commence in Phases

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced the launch of the ERP 2.0 system upgrade, set to kick off with the phased installation of the new On-Board Unit (OBU). Fleet vehicles will lead the way, starting on November 1, 2023. Vehicle owners will receive personalized notifications from LTA, guiding them on how to schedule their installation appointments.

What to Expect

The OBU introduces a user-friendly touchscreen display, offering a gamut of features including ERP-related data and live traffic updates. As the transition to ERP 2.0 progresses, the display will bolster additional functions like real-time traffic alerts and payment options for roadside parking and tolls (exclusive to Singapore-registered cars). Motorists are encouraged to install all three OBU components to gain access to the full suite of features. However, LTA has accommodated those who choose not to install the touchscreen display. They can access crucial OBU information through compatible mobile applications on their smartphones.

Current Charging Framework Remains Unchanged

During the transition period, the OBU will integrate seamlessly with existing systems, ensuring a seamless experience for motorists in terms of ERP charges. Despite the capability of ERP 2.0 to support distance-based charging through its GNSS, LTA currently has no immediate plans to implement this system.

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