TL;DR: GoDaddy, a leading support platform for entrepreneurs, has unveiled Instant Video, an AI-powered addition to their GoDaddy Studio app. This new feature aids small business owners in generating video-based digital marketing and social commerce content without extra charges. The user-friendly app, already equipped with numerous templates, allows entrepreneurs to create professional assets for websites, social media, and marketing endeavors. With AI integration, users can now effortlessly select video styles, produce watermark-free videos, and even receive auto-generated slogans. Selina Bieber, VP International Markets at GoDaddy, emphasized how this innovation simplifies content creation for entrepreneurs, eliminating the need for design or technical skills.

GoDaddy has launched a groundbreaking feature called Instant Video, integrated within the GoDaddy Studio app. This AI-powered addition aims to meet the rising demand for video-based digital marketing and social commerce, all without incurring extra costs.

Transforming Content Creation

GoDaddy Studio, an existing resource hub, provides entrepreneurs with a wide array of templates for crafting beautifully designed content. This includes materials for websites, social media, marketing, and more. The platform empowers small business owners to generate branded and professional assets, enhancing customer engagement and driving business growth across various platforms.

AI-Powered Enhancements

With the incorporation of AI, GoDaddy Studio now offers users the ability to select the most relevant video style. This allows for the creation and sharing of watermark-free, influencer-quality videos, serving as an excellent tool for social media promotion, product demonstrations, tutorials, and more. The app also employs AI to auto-generate slogans based on uploaded video clips or images, eliminating the need for design expertise.

Selina Bieber, Vice President International Markets at GoDaddy, expressed, “GoDaddy Studio’s AI-Powered Instant Video feature revolutionizes content creation for entrepreneurs by unleashing the power of video marketing without the need of any design or technical expertise. With a few clicks, small business owners can produce professional-quality videos that captivate their audience. This latest addition adds to the tools and resources GoDaddy offers Singaporean small businesses along their online journey.”

Empowering Creators

The Instant Video feature enables creators to convey their unique brand personality by using royalty-free music. This is made possible through a partnership with Melodie, ensuring that all available music within GoDaddy Studio supports small, independent artists worldwide.

Additional Features

Within GoDaddy Studio, entrepreneurs looking to expand their online presence can now purchase domain names directly within the app. They also have the option to add a free version of Website Builder and upgrade to a matching email address. GoDaddy Studio PRO users gain access to a wider range of stock photos and videos within the platform’s library.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to explore the array of licensed music, pre-designed transitions, and customization options available. This includes brand logos, colors, fonts, and a plethora of graphics and stickers to elevate social media engagement.


These new features are currently exclusive to the GoDaddy Studio app, available for both iOS and Android platforms. To start creating your own Instant Videos, download GoDaddy Studio.

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