TL;DR: Singtel, in collaboration with Great Eastern, has introduced Singtel Home Protect Flexi, Singapore’s latest home and contents insurance plan. This innovative offering is linked to the customer’s Singtel broadband subscription, ensuring seamless protection during address changes. The no-contract plan allows cancellation at any time, providing homeowners with ultimate flexibility.

Singapore’s leading broadband provider, Singtel, in partnership with Great Eastern, has launched Singtel Home Protect Flexi – a groundbreaking home and contents insurance plan tailored for the modern homeowner.

Address Changes? No Problem

The key innovation of this plan lies in its seamless adaptability to a customer’s changing address. Tied to the Singtel broadband subscription, the plan is automatically updated with a new address whenever a customer relocates. This eliminates the need for homeowners to manually update their insurance details, ensuring uninterrupted coverage.

Ultimate Flexibility with No Contracts

Singtel Home Protect Flexi is Singapore’s first no-contract home insurance plan. This means customers have the freedom to cancel the plan whenever it suits them, providing unparalleled flexibility in the realm of home protection.

Mr. Gilbert Chuah, Head of Financial and Lifestyle Services at Singtel, emphasized the customer-centric approach: “Our new Home Protect Flexi, for instance, eliminates the hassle of address updates for our home protection insurance customers when they relocate, providing seamless home protection that adapts to their evolving needs.”

Mr. Jimmy Tong, Managing Director, General and Group Insurance at Great Eastern, echoed the sentiment, stating, “By eliminating these traditional constraints, we are able to provide greater flexibility and value for our customers.”

Enhancement of Existing Offering

Singtel Home Protect Flexi builds upon the success of its predecessor, Singtel Home Protect. While the latter required a one or two-year commitment, the new Flexi plan offers customers comprehensive coverage without the need for a long-term contract.

Affordable Pricing and Launch Promotion

Priced at S$8 per month, Singtel Home Protect Flexi covers various types of residential housing, providing up to S$80,000 for household content and renovations, and up to S$500,000 for personal liability. As a special promotion, first-time customers will enjoy the first two months free until 31 December 2023.

How to Get Covered

To qualify for this innovative plan, customers must be existing Singtel broadband subscribers. The plan is readily available at all Singtel shops, Singtel’s website, or through the customer care hotline 1688.

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