Singtel and Etiqa Insurance Launch Complimentary Plan to Help Singaporeans Stay Connected During Economic Hardship

Singtel and Etiqa Insurance Singapore have partnered to launch Singtel Bill Protect, a first-of-its-kind complimentary insurance plan aimed at cushioning Singaporeans from adverse economic situations and allowing them to stay connected even during financial difficulties.

As economic and job uncertainties continue to rise, the free Bill Protect plan offers assistance to Singtel customers who face financial hardship due to a loss of employment. The plan offers waivers on their upcoming Singtel mobile and fixed broadband bills, alleviating some of their financial burden and enabling them to focus on finding new opportunities.

Ms. Anna Yip, the Chief Executive Officer of Consumer Singapore at Singtel, explained that “staying connected has become an essential part of modern lifestyle. By offering our new Singtel Bill Protect plan to our postpaid customers for free, we aim to help ease the strain of life’s uncertainties by ensuring that our customers impacted by adverse conditions like retrenchment can stay connected with their communities using Singtel’s superior network without worrying about their bills. That frees up their mind to focus on other more pressing priorities.”

The plan is especially significant given the recent rise in retrenchments in Singapore, which have continued for three quarters in a row, according to the latest Ministry of Manpower labour market estimates.

Under the Singtel Bill Protect plan, eligible insured persons who become retrenched can get their Singtel mobile and fixed broadband bills waived for up to six months, up to a maximum of S$600. In addition to retrenchment, the plan also covers accidental death.

The plan is part of a broader series of Singtel Protect telcoassurance offerings aimed at helping Singtel customers narrow potential gaps in their insurance coverage to address life’s other unexpected adversities with Etiqa Insurance Singapore’s offerings. These easy-to-access solutions include Singtel Life Protect for protection against death and permanent disability; Singtel Health Protect, which covers unexpected illnesses; and Singtel Wealth Protect, which helps customers invest and accumulate wealth.

Mr. Raymond Ong, the Chief Executive Officer of Etiqa Insurance Singapore, noted that “the Singtel Bill Protect is a positive step towards achieving our vision of closing the protection gap that exists in Singapore, and helping customers achieve peace of mind during difficult moments in their lives. The Singtel-Etiqa telcoassurance partnership will see the launch of initiatives and plans to achieve this vision by providing coverage for retrenchment and accidental death to support affected customers and their families.”

Etiqa Insurance Singapore will leverage their digital expertise and sales force to deliver these products to Singtel customers exclusively through Singtel’s digital and physical retail channels. Other solutions dedicated to enhancing the protection needs of Singtel customers under the Singtel and Etiqa Insurance Singapore partnership will also be progressively introduced.

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