TL;DR: Teradata has launched, a cutting-edge generative AI feature for VantageCloud Lake. This natural language interface empowers users to effortlessly query their company’s data, obtaining immediate responses from VantageCloud Lake. By eliminating complex coding and querying, enhances productivity for technical users and extends analytic capabilities to non-technical roles. Teradata’s powerful cloud-native platform enables users to extract valuable insights from vast datasets, driving breakthrough innovations with positive business impacts.

Teradata has introduced, a groundbreaking generative AI capability integrated into VantageCloud Lake. This natural language interface revolutionizes data analysis by enabling users to pose questions to their company’s data and receive immediate responses from VantageCloud Lake, the most comprehensive cloud analytics and data platform for AI.

Revolutionizing Data Analysis with Natural Language is set to transform the way data is queried and analyzed. By reducing the reliance on complex coding and queries, it significantly boosts productivity, speed, and efficiency for technical users. Moreover, it democratizes analytic capabilities, allowing non-technical roles to harness the power of Teradata’s cloud-native platform to extract insights from extensive datasets.

Empowering a Diverse Range of Users

With, employees with approved access, regardless of their function or level within the organization, can delve into data analysis. Technical experts, system administrators, and data scientists alike stand to benefit from this innovative feature:

  • Data Insights: Users can pose questions in natural language, receiving instant responses without the need for manual query construction.
  • Model and Code-generation: Even those without extensive coding experience can create code snippets by expressing their intentions in natural language, democratizing the data analytics process.
  • System Administration: Retrieving system information related to VantageCloud Lake becomes faster and easier, streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Metadata Analysis: provides valuable insights on table design, simplifying dataset exploration and schema understanding.
  • Help: Users can seek assistance on various topics, from general documentation to specific functions within a database.

Ensuring Trust and Security

Teradata’s strong governance capabilities ensure appropriate access and security for all users, reinforcing the reliability of


Teradata is currently available for select VantageCloud Lake on Azure customers. Expanded access, via private preview, to VantageCloud Lake on AWS is forthcoming, with general availability expected for all VantageCloud Lake customers in the first half of 2024.

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