TL;DR: aelf, a high-performance Layer 1 blockchain, introduces aelf Ventures, accompanied by an Ecosystem Fund of $50 million. This strategic move aligns with aelf’s vision for a decentralized Web3 future, emphasizing investments in pioneering projects and teams driving the transition from Web2 to Web3. The initiative also nurtures innovative blockchain endeavors within the aelf and multichain ecosystems.

aelf, a leading Layer 1 blockchain platform known for its multi-sidechain technology enabling unlimited scalability, has announced the establishment of aelf Ventures, along with an Ecosystem Fund amounting to $50 million.

Championing the Transition to Web3

aelf Ventures embodies aelf’s dedication to fostering an efficient and interoperable Web3 future. By investing in visionary teams and projects, aelf aims to accelerate the shift from Web2 to Web3. Notable investments, including Crystal Fun and Mythic Protocol, exemplify the venture’s commitment to empowering Web2 users in the decentralized Web3 era.

Hazel Zhang, Head of Investments at aelf, stated, “Our mission is clear: to champion those who share our vision, investing in founders driven by passion and ideas that resonate with the essence of aelf.”

Key Objectives of aelf Ventures

  • Thesis: aelf Ventures serves as a vital arm in identifying fresh investment opportunities within the Web3 space, leveraging its position as a high-performance Layer 1 platform for standout projects in the blockchain realm.
  • Investment Approach: The venture focuses on growth stage transitions (Web2 to Web3) and novel possibilities, supporting transformative ventures within both aelf and multichain ecosystems.
  • Dual-Track Investments: aelf Ventures engages in both strategic and financial investments in promising blockchain startups and established crypto enterprises. These investments bolster growth and foster collaborative relationships within the crypto landscape.

Diverse Sectors, Visionary Founders

aelf Ventures aims to diversify its venture investments across various sectors, targeting innovative projects led by visionary founders in alignment with the pursuit of a decentralized future. The fund favors blockchain innovation, addressing significant market needs in the Web3 space, including Gaming, DeFi, NFTs, and Public Goods.

Notable Investments

aelf Ventures has already made strategic investments in projects like Crystal Fun, a decentralized Web3 game ecosystem, and Mythic Protocol, a pioneering protocol for collaborative entertainment. Additionally, the venture has incubated projects such as Portkey, eBridge, Forest NFT Marketplace, Awaken Swap, EWELL, and BeanGo Town.

aelf Ventures’ commitment to Web3 innovation and its substantial Ecosystem Fund underline its pivotal role in driving the transition to a decentralized future.

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