TL;DR: Couchbase, Inc. has launched the Couchbase AI Accelerate Partner Program. This initiative simplifies the development of AI-powered applications with Couchbase Capella and fosters integration with the broader AI and data ecosystem. The program is part of Couchbase PartnerEngage, offering a range of benefits to partners. Additionally, Couchbase introduces generative AI into Capella with the launch of Capella iQ, enhancing developer productivity and expediting application development.

Couchbase, Inc. has announced the launch of two groundbreaking initiatives – the Couchbase AI Accelerate Partner Program and Capella iQ, introducing generative AI capabilities into their Database-as-a-Service, Capella.

AI Accelerate Partner Program: Empowering AI-Powered Applications

The newly introduced AI Accelerate Partner Program is aimed at streamlining the development of AI-driven applications through seamless integration with Couchbase Capella. This program, a vital component of the global Couchbase PartnerEngage initiative, offers cloud service providers, independent software vendors, system integrators, and technology partners an array of benefits across go-to-market, technical, and enablement categories. Notable advantages include early access to beta programs, customized workshops, an accelerated integration path, and access to a resourceful partner portal.

Matt McDonough, SVP of business development and strategy at Couchbase, emphasized the significance of generative AI in transforming customer experiences and data utilization. He highlighted Couchbase’s commitment to collaboration with partners and integrations, ensuring the best possible customer experience.

Pioneering Partners: MindsDB and Dataworkz

Couchbase proudly welcomes MindsDB and Dataworkz as the inaugural companies to join the AI Accelerate Partner Program. Jorge Torres, co-founder and CEO of MindsDB, stressed the importance of expanding AI accessibility across businesses, aligning with Couchbase’s mission. Sachin Smotra, CEO at Dataworkz, highlighted their role in enabling enterprises to utilize large language models effectively, making AI application development more manageable.

Capella iQ: Transforming Application Development

In a significant stride towards enhancing developer productivity and accelerating time to market for modern applications, Couchbase introduces generative AI into Capella with the launch of Capella iQ. This innovative capability empowers developers to write SQL++ and application-level code more efficiently by providing recommended sample code.

The introduction of these initiatives underscores Couchbase’s dedication to advancing AI-powered application development and reinforcing its position in the evolving AI landscape.

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