Google’s latest experiment in artificial intelligence, Bard, is expanding to over 180 countries and territories. Launched just two months ago, Bard is a platform that allows users to collaborate with generative AI to come up with ideas for various projects, from math and coding to creative writing and more.

The tech giant has also introduced new features to Bard, including support for Japanese and Korean languages, and the ability to include images alongside text in prompts. Bard will also become more visual with the addition of rich visuals in its responses, powered by Google Lens. Users will be able to ask for recommendations and get helpful responses, along with related images to give them a better sense of what they’re exploring.

Google is also incorporating feedback from developers into a few key coding upgrades, such as the ability to export and run code with the company’s partner Replit, starting with Python. Additionally, Bard is introducing new export actions, making it easier to move its responses directly into Gmail and Google Docs.

In the future, Google plans to integrate Bard with other Google apps and services, such as Docs, Drive, Gmail, Maps, and more. The company is also exploring partnerships with third-party services, including Kayak, OpenTable, ZipRecruiter, Instacart, Wolfram, and Khan Academy.

Bard is part of Google’s larger effort to develop large language models, which are still a nascent technology with known limitations. However, the company is committed to maintaining its high standards for quality and local nuances while also adhering to its AI Principles.

“We want Bard to be a home for your creativity, productivity, and curiosity,” said Google in a blog post. “There’s a lot ahead for Bard — connecting tools from Google and amazing services across the web, to help you do and create anything you can imagine, through a fluid collaboration with our most capable large language models.”

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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