Plasma Science launches first air sanitiser series featuring ‘Safe Air Dome’ technology 

Plasma Science launches first air sanitiser series featuring ‘Safe Air Dome’ technology 

A*STAR spinoff Plasma Science Pte. Ltd. announced today the launch of its Trident series of air sanitisers, an innovative line up of products that creates a ’Safe Air Dome’ environment for users.

The revolutionary ‘Safe Air Dome’ technology is developed in Singapore by Plasma Science, in collaboration with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research’s (A*STAR) Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), and partners. 

‘Safe Air Dome’ technology combines the triple killing action of cold plasma ions, advanced graphene electrostatic plates, and built-in ultraviolet-C (UVC). In tests done by IMRE, Trident’s cold plasma emitter effectively eliminated viruses (including the family of coronaviruses) and bacteria by up to 99.8% in 15 minutes, and up to 99.99% in 30 minutes.[1] It also captured and destroyed volatile organic compounds, allergens, odour, aerosol, and dust.

In contrast to typical air purifiers in the market which are mainly designed to remove dust and allergens only, Trident is optimised to disinfect bacterial, viral, and other microbial species and remove aerosols in the air fast enough to effectively prevent the transmission of infections. Additional unique features include large area coverage, high air change frequency, low power consumption and easy maintenance.

SSW, which has been a partner in the Temasek Foundation*s BYOBclean sanitiser campaign, was instrumental in forging the partnership with researchers from IMRE working on electrostatic technologies, and Redbox Global Solutions, a local company developing solutions based on cold plasma technology, to form Plasma Science. Through Temasek Foundation, the Trident systems have undergone trials at CTF@Expo and at social impact hub at Temasek Shophouse to improve indoor air quality. Trident systems have also been deployed at Ren Ci hospital and Teo Heng Family KTVs.

Mr. Samuel Teh, CEO & Co-founder of Plasma Science Pte. Ltd., said: “Plasma Science’s Trident series will provide homes, communities, and workplaces with superior protection through healthier environment and safer air. Our locally designed and developed Trident range of products was conceptualised to enable users to work, play and live in a healthy and safe environment, while staying well and ‘COVID ready’ as it becomes endemic.”

Dr. Ady Suwardi, Project Lead Scientist, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR, said: “For the ‘Safe Air Dome’ technology, we optimised the design and spacing between the electrostatic plates as well as the airflow speed, for optimal air cleaning. Scientific studies were conducted in collaboration with Plasma Science and Temasek Foundation to prove the efficacy of the solutions developed. We look forward to contributing to better public health outcomes and minimising the risks of transmission with the availability of such disinfection technologies.”

Gaps in the current air purifier market

The Trident series currently comes in two different models – MINI and PLUS. It was developed to meet the safety needs of consumers and to simultaneously address five key gaps which most air purifiers are unable to effectively fulfil.

  1. Low disinfection rate: Existing air purifiers are typically designed to remove only dust and allergens, and do not prevent virus transmission.
  2. Low air flow rate: Existing air purifiers are not able to quickly purify air of aerosols fast enough so as to prevent virus transmission effectively.
  3. Limited disinfection capability of HEPA filters: HEPA filters do not have anti-microbial features to actively disinfect the air.
  4. Higher energy consumption: Models currently available consume more energy which will cost more to operate.
  5. High maintenance cost: The air filters on some current models need to be changed regularly to remove the build-up of bacteria and dirt, which causes secondary pollution in the room.

Healthier families and workplaces with Trident 

To create healthier homes and safer workplaces, the Trident is equipped with unique capabilities and features, providing 24/7 high disinfection rate and active sanitisation of all surfaces in the room. Besides eliminating viruses by up to 99.99% (including the family of coronaviruses), bacteria, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a fast response time, the Trident also removes allergens, odour, and moulds.

&Safe Air Dome’ technology – ‘HUNT, CATCH, KILL

Trident’s proprietary triple killing action of cold plasma, advanced graphene electrostatic plate, and built-in UVC sanitises up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, preventing virus transmission within minutes of usage.

Besides achieving higher disinfection rate, Trident also features high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 600 m3/h for MINI and 1010 m3/h for PLUS, resulting in fast air changes per hour (ACH). ACH measures the volume of air being filtered in a room in an hour. A minimum ACH of 5 is recommended by NEA for mitigating COVID-19 aerosol transmission risk (smoke CADR >= room size (cubic meter) x 5)[2]. For a living room size of 34sqm in a typical 5-room HDB, Trident MINI achieves 7.67 ACH, while Trident PLUS achieves 6.47 ACH in a larger office space of 60sqm.

24/7 surface sanitisation

When kept operating, the Trident’s cold plasma ions continuously sanitise all surfaces in the room and reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi on carpets and in humid areas, which is especially useful in Singapore’s tropical climate. 

Built-in dual air quality sensors for automatic airflow adjustments

With built-in sensors for particulate matters and VOC, Trident monitors indoor air quality continuously and adjusts the airflow automatically according to air pollution levels, ensuring the constant delivery of clean and purified air. 

Washable electrostatic plates for cost saving

Unlike conventional filters, Trident utilises washable electrostatic plates to capture aerosols and particles from the air, eliminating the need to regularly replace filters. Trident has built in features to prompt users when to clean the washable electrostatic plates.

Intuitive and user-friendly controls

Trident comes with an intuitive design, large display, and easy-to-locate touch buttons, making it friendly for users of all ages to operate. The MINI is also incorporated with a convenient child-lock function, which makes it a good safeguard for families with young ones. It also syncs seamlessly with smartphone app, ensuring convenient usage.

Smart modes for lower energy consumption

The Trident is equipped with the ability to automatically adjust fan speeds according to environmental conditions, ensuring optimal energy usage. In low fan/sleep mode, the Trident PLUS consumes merely 25 watts of energy, while the Trident MINI consumes only 15 watts. It also produces very low noise level, ideal for both a good night’s rest and a conducive work environment.

Trident MINI and Trident PLUS can be purchased on Trident’s online store (, Shopee, and Lazada from today. 

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