LG Electronics (LG) latest iteration of the LG Styler, which comes with the Essence Refresh feature not only sanitises clothes and reduces wrinkles, but also dehumidifies the room where it is installed.

The LG Styler can help to reduce the growth of mold, fungi or mildew by dehumidifying the air. The energy-efficient solution consumes only 178 watts on a two-hour dehumidify cycle.

LG Styler
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Looking Well-groomed Is Now a Cinch  

Whether it is suits, dresses, sweaters or blazers, the LG Styler’s TrueSteamTM technology helps to reduce wrinkles as well as remove odours caused by sweat, smoke or food. The solution also boasts the Moving Hanger, which operates at 180 revolutions per minute. It slides side to side as the clothes bathe in a mist of steam, a process that reduces wrinkles.

Eliminating the worry of shrinkage or damage, the Gently Dry cycle, powered by an Inverter Heat Pump System, is ideal for delicate and special care items. In just one hour, the low-temperature drying system dries wool pants, cashmere sweaters and other things that are typically unsuitable for tumble dry. Thanks to a unique door compartment, the LG Styler adds a neat and precise crease to dress pants, from rayon to wool. Little details like that immediately up the gentleman’s style quotient.

The LG Styler is an investment piece at home for the long run; users can reap tremendous cost savings. Using the Refresh Mode, a 20-minute standard normal cycle, once a day for 30 days will only cost less than S$3 per month.

Removing Allergens in Everyday Items for Healthy Living

For the health-conscious, the Sanitary cycle eradicates allergens not just in clothes but also bedding and plush toys. This means that users can now sanitise fabrics and items that are difficult to wash, or do not comfortably fit into a washing machine. The LG Styler’s effective steam sterilisation is certified by the British Allergy Foundation (BAF), a renowned product testing organisation.

Enjoy Convenience with Smart Features

The LG Styler is now Wi-Fi enabled and can be connected to the SmartThinQ® app. There are eight different courses that users can download, such as Air Fresh which removes moisture and dust from fur, leather and silk; Warm-Up which heats up blankets for added comfort during sleep; Athletic Uniforms / Equipment that eliminates odours from sports jerseys; and more. Users can also receive notifications or power from the unit via iOS as well as Android. The energy monitoring feature allows users to check the monthly usage count and energy consumption of the last five courses used; as well as track the average energy consumption for up to six months of usage.

Available in linen white and espresso brown, the new LG Styler with Essence Refresh will retail at S$3,099.



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