Life's good with LG STYLER™ and Pinkfong's ‘BABY SHARK’ in delightful campaign

Life’s good with LG STYLER™ and Pinkfong’s ‘BABY SHARK’ in delightful campaign

Worldwide public interest in health and hygiene has increased exponentially over the last year or so. Due to this, there is now a greater understanding – especially among families with young children – of the wellbeing benefits of keeping clothes germ- and bacteria-free. Always striving to provide consumers with solutions for a better, healthier life, LG Electronics (LG) offers the ideal hygienic clothing management system, the LG styler™, which takes centre stage in the company’s new campaign along with international mega hit, Pinkfong Baby Shark.

Promoting the importance of healthy clothing care and family, LG’s campaign is kicking off with a joyous video collaboration and an easy-to-follow dance challenge. Set to the catchy tune and funky moves of YouTube’s No.1 most viewed video Baby Shark Dance, the video highlights the many benefits of the LG styler™. Five family members, aligning with the five members of the ‘Shark Family,’ are shown dancing and using the styler™ to refresh and revitalize a range of items, from soft toys to clothes to face masks.

In the video, the lyrics of the hit song have been changed to mention the styler™’s unique clothing care features. These include the Moving Hanger, which shakes out fine dust particles, TrueSteam™ technology, which eliminates odors, reduces wrinkles1 and removes 99.9 percent of house dust mites, bacteria, and viruses,2 and Pants Crease Care, which creates a sharp crease to make any pair of pants or slacks office-ready.

After the release of the entertaining and informative clip, LG will run a dance challenge on popular social platforms such as Instagram and TikTok in Singapore, from now till 6 June 2021. Participants can use the AR filter (available on LG’s official account on each platform) to make their own unique Baby Shark Dance videos – complete with the LG styler™/Pinkfong Baby Shark song – and upload them using the hashtags #LGstylerDanceChallenge and #LGStyler. LG Electronics (Singapore) will award the top five entries with the highest number of likes, comments and views with a prize each. The first and second prize winners will win LG styler™ in Mirrored Finish (worth S$3,299) and LG A9 Kompressor™ ULTRA vacuum cleaner (worth S$1,299) respectively, while three participants will win the third prize of LG TONE Free HBS-FN7 true wireless earbuds (worth S$298).

Created by SmartStudy, the global entertainment powerhouse behind Pinkfong, Baby Shark launched on YouTube in November 2015 and took the world by storm, amassing 8.4 billion views and holds the ‘No. 1 most-watched YouTube video’ title to date. With music, characters, story and dance all combined together, Baby Shark became the world’s first and only children’s song to reach RIAA-certified Diamond and 11x platinum status for selling over 11 million unit sales in the US. Baby Shark has also spawned a viral phenomenon #BabySharkChallenge, generating over one million cover videos around the globe.

In the new normal, hygiene and health are arguably more important than ever. With clothes an essential part of everyone’s daily life, the advanced clothing care offered by the LG styler™ can play a helpful supporting role in protecting consumers and their loved ones against germs and bacteria.

1 Certified by Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute (KATRI) comparing before and after using Refresh cycle.

2 Certified by the British Allergy Foundation (BAF) for reducing 99.9 percent of house dust mite with sanitary normal cycle, bacteria (Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus) and viruses (H3N2, H1N1, PEV, IBRV, ICHV, PEDV, MHV, and hCoV-229E) with Sanitary Heavy Duty cycle.

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