LG has unveiled a new line-up of TWINWash washing machines, dryers and LG Styler, giving consumers a point-to-point washing solution, which they termed it as total laundry solution. That means LG wants to solve common washing complaints of home-owners.

Hence, we take a look at five things that we, as consumers, should know about LG’s new series of washing solutions.

Wi-Fi-enabled with SmartThinQ app

Consumers can, through the use of the SmartThinQ app, control whether to start the washer or the dryer with their smartphones. They will also be alerted when the washing is completed. It is compatible with smart assistants like the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


TrueSteam and TurboWash

The TrueSteam technology for the TWINWash solution uses steam to eliminate 99.9 per cent of household allergens as well as wrinkles and odours. The TurboWash, on the other hand, not only reduce washing cycle time, but it also provides a near-to-hand-washing-experience so that the fabrics are well-washed in the best condition.

LG TWINWash and Styler

Smaller capacities

For the 2018 LG TWINWash series, LG has introduced smaller-capacity models to cater for the laundry needs of Singapore household, which is shrinking. Hence, the need for a larger load washing machine or a washer-dryer is lesser on demand.

The new capacity load ranges from 8kg, 9kg, 8/5kg to 9/6kg. Consumers can also pair it with a 2kg mini washer for even smaller loads or delicate items.

DUAL Inverter Heat Pump

The Dual Inverter Heat Pump is one of the things that LG is proud of that’s in its new dryers (TD-H90SD and TD-H90WD). Not only do the dryers have a National Environmental Agency (NEA) certified 5-tick energy consumption in the Singapore market (the lowest), with its two compressing cylinders that simultaneously compress the refrigerant, the dryers yield a faster drying time and better performance.

LG Styler

LG Styler dehumidifies the room

Singapore has high humidity, which aids the growth of mould in many households. Though the primary purposes of the LG Styler are to provide a two-in-one solution like sanitisation and the reduction of wrinkles on fabrics using the TrueSteam Technology, it also doubles up as a dehumidifier for the room where it is installed. According to LG, indoor humidity could be reduced between 30 and 60 per cent.

So what do you think of LG’s latest total laundry solution? Leave your comments down below.

Video explanation of the TWINWash at the media event.

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