Grepp Launches Global Developer Open Education Platform ‘BeyondCampus’

Grepp Launches Global Developer Open Education Platform ‘BeyondCampus’

Grepp (CEO Hwakyoung Lee and Sung-Soo Lim), which runs the developer growth platform “Programmers,” announced that it has launched the global open education platform “BeyondCampus” for software developers and opened its first online class. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth of the global online education market has been accelerating. According to Verified Market Research 2021, the corporate e-learning market is projected to reach USD1133.28 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 21% from 2021.

BeyondCampus, Grepp’s latest innovation, is a global open education platform for software developers that provides new learning experiences on various software topics remotely.

At BeyondCampus, any educator or mentor who can lead project-based education can open classes and meet learners. Learners can experience a full-classroom style education through innovative and effective learn-by-doing education implemented based on GREPP’s data collected from its numerous users.

In particular, BeyondCampus has established an online cohort-based learning management system (LMS) that provides ▲ WEB IDE-based practices ▲ coding tests ▲ code reviews ▲ coding-related question and answers ▲ video-based live classroom functions. These features have made ‘BeyondCampus’ an unparalleled education platform for software developers. 

Grepp has established its U.S. branch in March 2019, seeing the possibility of explosive global growth in the future. The U.S. branch plans to penetrate and expand in the global market with the well-established leadership and accomplishments in the Korean market. The first class that will open in BeyondCampus will be ‘Data Warehouse and SQL’ targeting the junior software engineers or career shifters for the data analysis industry.

“We are confident that BeyondCampus will firmly establish itself in the global online software development education market based on the successful operation and performance of Programmers, the first developer education, evaluation, and recruitment service in Korea,” said CEO Sung-Soo Lim.

“In particular, as BeyondCampus is an open platform implementing online cohort-based education, it will be a decisive help for free encounters between software development educators and learners around the world and the actual growth of learners’ capabilities,” he said.

Agora, a pioneer and leading platform for real-time engagement APIs is powering BeyondCampus with the video-based live classrooms and online video test supervision services through the company’s real-time engagement (RTE) platform. 

“Hybrid learning technologies have accelerated the adoption of online education exponentially in the past few years. As distance learning becomes ubiquitous, enabling education institutions to thrive in blended, remote environments is important. We couldn’t be more excited to power BeyondCampus live video-based classrooms with Agora’s RTE platform and robust network, regardless of where in the world the teachers and students may be located,” said Tony Wang, Chief Revenue Officer at Agora.

In addition, various promotions will be held to commemorate the global launch of Beyond Campus.

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