TMX Global, an end-to-end supply chain transformation consultancy, has launched its TMX Metaverse in Asia. This innovative solution aims to revolutionize supply chain design through leading virtual technology. The launch comes amid growing demand from businesses in Thailand and the region for greater supply chain optimization.

The launch event took place last night at True Digital Park in Bangkok. TMX Global Co-Founder and CEO, Mr. Travis Erridge, unveiled the new solution at an industry event with industry experts, key decision-makers, and other notable stakeholders across the supply chain sector.

The TMX Metaverse is a powerful tool for supply chain transformation, allowing businesses to step into a virtual reality simulation and experience floor plans at a real, human scale during the entire design process. By leveraging the metaverse’s ability to bring something digital to life, businesses can collaborate and configure in real-time with TMX, thereby realizing tangible cost efficiencies across their projects. With the ability to visualize designs in the metaverse, businesses can improve decision-making and efficiency during the conceptualization process by up to 50% in some cases.

The Campus, a key feature of the TMX Metaverse platform, showcases the latest technologies in robotics and supply chain automation. The Campus provides users with an immersive experience to explore and understand how these technologies can enhance and streamline their supply chain operations.

Mr. Erridge notes that the industry-first solution first launched in Australia with great success. Launching in Asia was a natural next step given the business’ growing focus in the region and in response to the region’s supply chains facing increasing pressure from consumers, boards, and other stakeholders to optimize.

During the launch event, distinguished speakers shared insights on the supply chain sector, including Dr. Kanate Wangpaichitr, Assistant Secretary General of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), Mr. Michael Helleman, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner of Thailand and Laos at the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), Mr. Aaron Ling, Head of AI and Data at Charoan Pokphand Group, and Mr. Andrew McKeown, the CEO of LogChain.

Thailand was selected as the hub to launch the TMX Metaverse due to its strong potential in the supply chain sector. Over the last few years, Thailand has experienced robust growth in e-commerce, calling for strong investments in warehouse and logistics facilities. The authorities have also rolled out a series of national schemes to transform Thailand into the region’s logistics hub to cover land, air, and maritime transport in ASEAN.

Mr. Dean Jones, Managing Director, Asia, said, “Holding our Asia launch of TMX Metaverse here in Thailand demonstrates our commitment to this market. The country’s strong potential to drive further growth aligns with our Asia strategy to tie key industrial learnings with digital solutions, so we have decided on make our mark in the Thai market to set up the businesses here for success on the international stage.”

TMX Global’s TMX Metaverse is expected to bring significant benefits to the supply chain sector in Asia, providing businesses with innovative virtual technology to improve decision-making and efficiency.

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