Motorist to enter the Thailand market in 2022

Motorist to enter the Thailand market in 2022

Motorist, the leading automotive platform that is headquartered in Singapore, has announced its further expansion into the Southeast Asian region with plans to enter the Thailand market in 2022.

Aiming to hire 30 employees in their local Thai office, Motorist Thailand is projecting a Gross Merchandise Value of 1,000,000,000 THB, with the website also expecting to see 3,500 vehicle transactions with 400 dealers available for consumers via the website.

“Ever since Motorist was founded, it was always going to be a platform that could exist within different infrastructures around the world,” said Mr. Damian Sia, Founder and CEO of Motorist. “After expanding to Malaysia, Thailand seemed to be the natural transition for growth, as we seek to provide consumers around the region with a platform for all their automotive needs. With one of the highest numbers of car users and adoption rate within the region, Thailand provides an excellent opportunity for Motorist to bring consumers together.”

By expanding into the Thai market, Motorist is looking to be the premier auto-concierge service for automotive consumers in Thailand. With strong offerings ranging from quick and hassle- free vehicle transactions to providing credible and efficient automotive solutions, the company aims to introduce simplicity and convenience when it comes to all things vehicle related.

Launching in January this year, the Thai version of the website ( will allow users to tap into an expansive platform that allows them to sell and buy cars, with the eventual full-fledged app aiming to be launched in November to allow consumers to upkeep their automotive administrative needs, as well as engaging like-minded consumers in automotive interests.

Motorist Thailand will be officially launched in November this year, with all the functions and unique capabilities of the local app available for consumers to enjoy when it comes to all their automotive needs.

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