Singapore, 28 October 2020 – Servian, one of Australia’s leading IT consultancies, announced today it is expanding into Singapore, bringing its expertise in cloud, data, machine learning, DevOps and cybersecurity to the local and regional market. The expansion comes off the back of an urgent need for companies within the region to digitalise in order to remain competitive in the current environment.

Speaking at the Future Economy Conference and Exhibition, Singapore’s Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing stressed the importance of digital transformation in helping rebuild the new economy. He said Singapore’s position on the world stage hangs on businesses’ ability to adapt, with now being the time to re-engineer processes.

New research from Development Bank of Singapore supports this, revealing that the South East Asian region is falling behind its US and UK counterparts with regards to digital strategy. 99 percent of businesses in the region cited that they were facing external pressure to transform digitally but are facing challenges including the speed of change (80%), execution complexity (75%) and lack of digital talent (64%).

“Organisations recognise where they need to get to, they just don’t seem to know how to get there,” said Pete Gatt, Partner & Singapore Expansion Lead at Servian. “We work with our clients to deploy technology as an enabler, with cost-effective, data-driven, cloud-based solutions that help them evolve their business at speed.”

“Having worked with hundreds of organisations in different segments, verticals and of varying sizes, the conversation is always the same. They want to take advantage of data to make money and they want to optimise their operations to save money, with technology now at the heart of that conversation. We help clients realise those outcomes quickly and securely, gaining a critical edge over their competitors,” said Gatt.

Servian is already engaged with clients in multiple sectors across the region.  Among others, the company has worked on a Singapore government project for GovTech to build security and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) capabilities, providing teams with the skills and reference architectures for IaC in cloud environments. 

The company’s close partnerships with technology vendors including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Hashicorp allow them to deliver customised solutions that accelerate customers’ transformation journeys.

In addition to major corporate customers, Servian’s new operation will offer its suite of specialist technology-agnostic advisory, consulting and managed services to SMEs. These smaller companies typically recognise the benefits of digital transformation but are often hampered by perceptions of complexity and cost. 

“A key advantage we bring to the SME sector in the region is our ability to lower the barrier to entry for companies to transition to cloud computing and digital service delivery. This allows SMEs to remain competitive without breaking their budgets,” said Gatt.

Servian has a current global headcount of over 550 with offices in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and India. The company plans to grow that headcount in Singapore, building a team of technology experts that will develop innovative locally-made apps to bring to the global market.

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