SINGAPORE, 20 AUGUST 2020Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, today announced its partnership with cultural icon Phua Chu Kang – its first brand ambassador for Singapore. The partnership reflects Shopee’s continued commitment to support and unite local communities, including homegrown businesses, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The appointment of a local ambassador in Singapore marks yet another milestone for Shopee as it continues to build on a hyper-localised approach, deepening its engagement with local audiences. Last year, Shopee launched its regional headquarters in Science Park Drive, fortifying its commitment to elevating Singapore and its attractiveness as the Silicon Valley of the region.

A household name amongst Singaporeans young and old, Phua Chu Kang’s ability to resonate with and unite local communities aligns closely with Shopee’s long-term vision of connecting with Singaporeans – making him a perfect fit for the brand. In his role as local ambassador of Shopee, Phua Chu Kang will work with the e-commerce platform on a wide range of initiatives and campaigns as it heads into the year-end shopping season, aimed at engaging and uplifting users as e-commerce continues to gain greater significance in the lives of Singaporeans.

Zhou Junjie, Chief Commercial Officer at Shopee, said, “We are excited to bring onboard our first local brand ambassador ahead of 9.9 Super Shopping Day. As a proud homegrown company, we believe Phua Chu Kang’s attributes parallel our deep understanding of Singapore and its culture. Phua Chu Kang has always been a celebrated local icon and at Shopee, it was particularly meaningful for us to appoint an ambassador that creates a sense of oneness amongst local communities.”

Phua Chu Kang will be the face of various Shopee campaigns, starting with Shopee’s signature annual shopping event, 9.9 Super Shopping Day. In particular, he will join Shopee across various initiatives to engage and connect with Singaporeans, including exclusive appearances on Shopee Live and other marketing campaigns.

This year’s 9.9 Super Shopping Day takes on greater significance as communities across Southeast Asia and Taiwan adapt to the new normal. Shopee has also outlined three commitments for communities in the region to support them during this time: provide a super ecosystem, supercharge recovery for sellers and brands, and deliver a super collection of entertainment and deals.

1. Provide a super ecosystem

Ensuring quality and reliability with strong payments and logistics offerings

Consumers expect quality and reliability on e-commerce as online shopping becomes a new normal. To meet these evolving needs, Shopee continued to enhance its logistics and payments infrastructure to make buying and selling online more seamless.

In 2020, Shopee has ramped up offerings for its integrated mobile wallet ShopeePay and partnered leading providers including JCB for smooth and secure transactions. These have generated robust growth in the use of digital payments among users, brands, and sellers on Shopee.

Shopee also enhanced its logistics capabilities to support the increasing scale and frequency of online shopping. In preparation for 9.9 Super Shopping Day, Shopee is tightening integration with logistics partners and optimising its warehouse operations in the region. These enable sellers and brands to fulfil orders more efficiently, allowing them to maximise sales and boost customer satisfaction even as shopping activity peaks.

2. Supercharge recovery for sellers and brands

Helping brands and sellers maximise sales growth with e-commerce

9.9 Super Shopping Day kicks off the year-end peak shopping season in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is the highlight of Shopee’s efforts to help businesses of all sizes digitalise, recover, and succeed in the long term with e-commerce.

For sellers and SMEs, Shopee introduced its Seller Support Package in April to cushion the impact of the pandemic by lowering costs, offering capital support, and boosting sales. Shopee also simplified e-commerce for SMEs and sellers by upgrading its Seller Centre, including a new Marketing Centre that lets sellers customise store campaigns and product promotions more conveniently.

Local and international brands are turning to Shopee to grow their online businesses, with 70% more new brands opening Official Stores on Shopee Mall in 2020. Shopee has stepped up its efforts to help brands grow their online presence, highlighted by the launch of Google Ads with Shopee in partnership with Google. It is a first-of-its-kind marketing solution for brands to seamlessly create, manage, and monitor Google ads campaigns for their Official Stores on Shopee Mall.

9.9 Super Shopping Day is a major milestone for sellers and brands, who stand to receive increased customer traffic and visibility on Shopee. They can build on this momentum by tapping on exclusive engagement tools such as Shopee Live and Shopee Feed to further attract users and boost sales, creating a springboard for continued growth.

3. Deliver a super collection of entertainment and deals

Curating the largest variety of in-app games, live streams, and promotions

Shopee will continue to surprise and delight shoppers at 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Till 9 September, users can shop countless deals from 10 million sellers and 15,000 brand partners across the region, while enjoying exclusive content and rewards on Shopee Live and Shopee’s in-app games.

9.9 Super Shopping Day will feature all-day content on Shopee Live that entertains, inspires, and connects users with their favourite sellers, brands, and personalities. New Shopee Singapore local brand ambassador, Phua Chu Kang, will also be holding an exclusive Shopee Live session on 9 September, from 9-10pm. In Singapore, 9.9 Super Shopping Day will run from 20 August to 9 September, During this period, users can enjoy Million $ Discount deals, 50% off vouchers, and 18% cashback with no minimum spend.

Users can also win endless rewards from a massive array of in-app games on Shopee, including the popular Shopee Farm which has been played for 7 billion times across the region. A major highlight is Shopee Games Day, which offers 24 hours of upsized Shopee coins and exclusive prizes.

Zhou closed, “9.9 Super Shopping Day has grown so much since its inception in 2016, becoming one of the most anticipated online shopping events in the region. It reflects the strong Shopee spirit of togetherness, uniting communities and millions of people in one big celebration – something that is exceptionally important during this time. This year, we hope 9.9 Super Shopping Day excites our users and empowers our fellow brands and sellers, as they continue to propel their e-commerce journey forward. Shopee looks forward to yet another successful 9.9 Super Shopping Day and will continue striving towards delivering all our users the best shopping experience possible.”

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