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Samsung Electronics has debuted the industry’s first IoT-enabled refrigerator today, called the Samsung Family Hub. The fridge is packed with smart functions thanks to Samsung’s maturing tech eco-system that’s translated from its mobile smartphones.

So what’s so special about this smart fridge? Here are five things we learned about the Samsung Family Hub.

1. View Inside

View Inside is a function that allows users to see what’s in the fridge without having to open the doors because there are three cameras “spying” on your goodies, one for each layer. What’s even handier is that while you are out, you can connect to these cameras through your smartphone and peek into the fridge, so you don’t have to guess whether you still have this or that.

One of the good news is that you do not necessarily need a Samsung smartphone to do so. The Samsung Family Hub app is on the App Store too.

With View Inside, you can also tag the food to add it to your food list, shopping list or memo. It’s especially useful when you can label the food with expiry date as well so that you can be reminded when to throw away spoilt food (all office should have this!).

2. Morning Brief

The Morning Brief is operated by Bixby where you can say,

“Hi Bixby, play my morning brief?”

Bixby will then read out the weather forecasts, personal schedules, news and expiring food information, etc. It can record up to four voices in the household, and each user can personalise the information they want to hear respectively.

Yes. We have all heard enough jokes about Bixby, but during our hands-on, we realised that it worked well and for specific functions, it’s smarter than Siri. It could even hear me well in a crowded environment though it does look weird that I’m speaking to a fridge. I’m sure we’ll get used to it.

3. Spotify, Tune-in and Smart View

The Samsung Family Hub comes preloaded with Spotify and Tune-In apps that can play your favourite music or tune into your radio station. If you are worried about the audio quality, Samsung got you covered with the AKG Premium Quality Sound Speaker. Even Bixby sounded incredible.

For non-music or radio station lovers, there’s the Smart View. Smart View is a function that mirrors what’s playing on your Samsung Smart TV to the display on the screen of the fridge.

Cooking and baking will no longer be a boring task with this much entertainment.

Sure, you can listen to Spotify or Tune-in through your smartphone but why put it near where it could get some of the grease or flour.

4. Memo and To-Do

Not sure if people still write memos and paste it on the fridge, but we do. So the memo app is handy to have for leaving virtual notes on the screen for your family members to see. You can also set a To-Do list so that you can review it in the morning before your day begins.

These notes can also be synced to your smartphone too.

5.  Recipes

You don’t have to head over to Popular or other bookstores to find new recipes to surprise your family because of the pre-loaded recipe apps like Allrecipes, Tasty and Club des Chef.

Want to make cream puffs? Just use Tasty, search for it, click it and it’ll video instructions will guide you through in a breeze.

The Samsung Family Hub still has a lot of functions for you to explore namely:

  • Family Calendar;
  • Trivia;
  • Shopping List;
  • Fridge Manager; and
  • Internet Browser.

The Samsung Family Hub is available tomorrow at a recommended retail price of S$7,499 at all major consumer electronic stores.

In view of the launch, Samsung is holding a launch promotion for the Family Hub. If you purchase the Family Hub before 30 September 2018, you will get a complimentary Ring doorbell while stocks last.

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