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Samsung introduced its Family Hub 2.0 Fridges at the recent Samsung Forum 2017. If you are looking to buy a fridge, this fridge is big. But the focus of this article is not about how spacious the fridge is. It is about how smart this fridge is with the Family Hub 2.0 update.

Built-in Cameras

The Family Hub 2.0 fridges come with built-in cameras. It is not to take pictures of the people who may have been stealing your snacks so do not get so excited. These cameras take photos of the insides, hence its name View Inside. Each time you open the doors and take something out, the cameras will be activated to take photos of the inside after you closed the doors. These images will then be transferred to the shopping list for you to re-order via Groceries by MasterCard App. This is super convenient.

Recipe App

If you do not know how to cook chicken rice like millions of other Singaporeans, do not worry. You could possibly find it in the Recipe app by AllRecipes. It has functions where it can read out the recipe to you in the kitchen and enlarge the text for you to easily read it. Cool, right? Home-bakers will love this function for sure! No more flours on your smartphones and recipe books!



My Mum used to leave notes on the fridge’s door when I was staying with her. She would tell me where to find food when she’s out, where she went and where’s the homework she prepared for me. Here’s the thing. I always missed those notes. I’m born selectively blind. So yeah.

Anyway, the Family Hub 2.0 features the memo app. What this memo app does is that people like my Mum can post a memo via the fridge and I can receive it on my phone. Very handy and hard to miss unless done deliberately or you are clinically certified for selective blindness like me.


Spotify and Radio

Ah.. The good old days when parents are cooking in the kitchen leaving the radio on. Or was it just my parents. So the Family 2.0 fridges will allow you to have the Spotify app and radio function. I did not know about the radio until this nice lady showed it to us. The one above.

Talk to Your Fridge

Yes! Finally, I can talk to the fridge like Tony Stark talking to Jarvis. Powered by Samsung S Voice, you can “check with” your fridge about the weather and time (weird), organise your to-do list, calendar, shopping lists, order groceries online and etc.

We should be seeing the Samsung Family Hub 2.0 soon in the local technology stores. The pricing is still an unknown for now. Based on the fridge’s size, my best guess is to save up at least 3K or more to buffer.

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