Are you cracking your head over what to get your tech-savvy loved ones for Christmas? Here are some of our top picks below S$150.

Logitech Silent Plus M331

Logitech M331 Silent Plus
Image: Logitech

As quiet as a mouse, the Logitech Silent Plus M331 earns its name to be the quietest mouse we’ve ever used. You can still feel and hear the click, but it is so faint that you will not notice it in the office or your usual hangout at Starbucks. It’s small but sufficient for an average person to rest their palm comfortably on the mouse. Just pop in two AA-size batteries, and you are good to go for the next 24 months.

Usual Price: S$32.00
Current Price: S$30.40

Google Chromecast 2

Google Chromecast 2
Image: Google

There’s never a day that this device is not connected to our TV even though it’s a smart TV. It’s convenient and to cast your YouTube videos or Netflix dramas via the Google Chromecast is a breeze. With the Google Home app, you can also explore many other streaming services like Toggle, NBA, Google Play Movies, DramaFever, etc.

Usual Price: S$65.00
Current Price: S$59.90


JBL Clip 2

The JBL Clip 2 remains our favourite ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker under S$100. Audio coming out of the speaker is clear, and the bass is substantial. You can blast it at its maximum volume and still get clear sound coming out from it. It is waterproof so you can continue dancing to the music while you shower.

Usual Price: S$99.00
Current Price: S$85.00

Samsung T3 Portable SSD 250GB

Samsung T3 SSD
Image: Samsung

If you are looking for a hard disk and the storage size is not an issue for you, then take a look at the Samsung T3 Portable SSD with 250GB of storage space. It is light, compact and portable. The read & write speed of an SSD is typically a lot faster than portable hard disks. Also, it does not have any moving parts in it, which means it can take knocks that hard disks can’t. SSDs usually cost more than the portable hard drives, but we do recommend people to at least own one especially at a price listed below.

Usual Price: S$229.00
Current Price: S$109.00

Logitech MX Master 2S

LOGITECH MX MASTER 2S (Graphite).jpg (1)

Meet the master of productivity, the Logitech MX Master 2S. The highly rated mouse earns its name from its customisable buttons on its body. After pairing it with the Logitech Options software, users can dictate how they want each button to work according to their productivity needs. With Logitech’s FLOW technology, users can also move their mouse/cursor across three computers. It does not matter whether it’s Mac or Windows, it switches smoothly across the different Operating Systems. You can even copy and paste text, images and files, from one computer to another.

Usual Price: S$149.00
Current Price: S$119.00

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