Not too long ago in the galaxy not so far far away, I was wondering why anyone would need an additional speaker. Wouldn’t it be quite redundant given that your smartphones can project music too? Well, this was my thought then and this is me now with the JBL Clip 2 after two months.


When I decided that I should give Bluetooth speakers a try, I was contemplating between the X-mini Explore or Explore Plus. The sound coming out from them was pretty decent until I came across the opportunity to test this round thing with a carabiner called the JBL Clip 2. After connecting it and listening to it, I’m sold that this is my Bluetooth speaker. Here’s a quick comparison between the iPhone speakers, which were rated one of the best in smartphones, and the JBL Clip 2.

The bass was surprisingly well-balanced and I’ve tried playing Mando-Pop, K-Pop and English-Pop music on this small and innocent-looking Bluetooth speaker, they all turned out impressively good. Besides being able to project high-quality sounds off my Apple Music, the JBL Clip 2 can also act as your handsfree when connected with your smartphone. This means that you do not need to unplug or disconnect the Clip 2 just to answer a call. You can answer your call directly through it. During my use, I experienced no noise or echo, which is a common issue for some Bluetooth speakers so this is another plus point to consider.


The JBL Clip 2 is also waterproof rated at IPX7. So you can bring it for your pool parties or even in your shower, it works equally well too. I brought it in the shower with me a few times during my time in Kaohsiung, Taiwan last week. 😊

The battery life is the last thing that you will need to be concerned about. The Clip 2 can last up to 8 hours per full charge. It’s been a week of on and off playing of music on it and I still do not need to charge it yet.


If you are not a fan of Bluetooth, there is another option that you can use to play your music on your computer or your phone. The JBL Clip 2 has a 3.5mm audio cable attached behind, so you can also plug and play it directly.

So if you are in the market to look for a portable Bluetooth speaker, I highly recommend the JBL Clip 2 for you. You will not be disappointed as it’s light and with the carabiner that comes along with it, you can just hook it anywhere you want and have it with you at all times.

The JBL Clip 2 costs SGD99, which I believe is a good value for money.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

Besides tech, I love chicken rice. Point me in the right direction and I'll go and try it. :)
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