The convenience of a mouse can never be replaced by a track-pad. I can never live without it. But sometimes the clicking sound of the mouse does annoy me especially when I’m doing photo-editing. Since I have such a love-hate relationship with my mouse, I went on a mouse hunt to find the perfect mouse that has softer clicks and guess what? I found it.

This is my review of the Logitech Silent Plus M331.

The Logitech Silent Plus M331 is my current go-to mouse for my PC and I just got one more for my Macbook because every click is soft and almost silent. The reason why I say that it is almost silent is because you can still hear the clicks but not as loud as your regular mouse. You can compare it to pressing down on your track-pad but more discreet.



The clicks on the Silent Plus M331 is a pleasure for me ever since I started using it at work. The rubber grip at the sides is very comfortable. So far, my hand has yet to feel tired even after a day of using it.


However, there are two tiny issues that consumers need to take note.

  1. Because of how the Silent Plus M331 is built to minimise the clicking sound, sometimes, you may need to click on the mouse twice to make sure you’ve clicked on it.File_003
  2. The size of the mouse is just right for my average hand size. If you have a bigger hand, you may not want to buy it online but instead head down to electronic stores to try it out first.

The Logitech Silent Plus M331 is priced at S$32 and it comes in three colours – black, red and blue. You can find it in most electronic stores but I got mine at Challenger because there’s always discount for members. 😉

For the geeks:

About the Mouse.PNG
Image source: Logitech
Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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