This is going to be a short update because, in my personal opinion, the winner has to be bezel-less display. The main reason?

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When the Samsung Note Edge (remember?) was first introduced, my immediate reaction was,

“It’s gonna crack.”

Interestingly, I did not hear any of such stories and even till now, I’m still seeing people using it without a scratch.

But when I got my S7 Edge, I have never stop worrying about it dropping and cracking. It is currently still in an outstanding condition because of all the tender loving care that I give it. Sadly, if you don’t know yet, phones are not supposed to be like this. Girlfriends or wives are to be treated that way. Not phones.

Now back to the Samsung Galaxy S8. It’s a gorgeous-looking smartphone. It’s slim, compact, light and just drop-dead lovely. I would love to own one but besides my contracts are not up yet, the other reason why I don’t intend to get it is the infinity screen. It just does not give me the confidence even with Gorilla Glass 5.


Let’s shift our heads to the LG G6. LG is not buying the curves of the S8 design and I applaud them for that. They managed to reduce the bezel at the front even if it means still having a thicker and heavier phone than everyone else. I am not saying that the LG G6 is perfect and will not crack when it drops. It will crack when it drops. Just go on YouTube and you will find many of it too. I’m just saying that the probability is much lower since the bezels are still “protected” by the metal sides.

At the end of the day, it depends on what you want. If you want something gorgeous, stunning, slim and lightweight, go for the one with curves or the infinity screen. If you want something that is more solid, good-looking and gives you more confident in not cracking the screen when it drops, the G6 will be a good choice.

So what do you think? Do you agree with me?

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