The LG G6 will feature a 13-MP dual rear camera. This has been confirmed in LG’s Korea’s press release.

The dual rear cameras will have a 125-degree viewing angle and the front camera will have a 100-degree viewing angle. In layman terms, you can probably capture more objects in the frame than the other phones in the market right now.

LG said that the 125-degree viewing angle “is the most similar to a human’s field of view.” This means that what you see is what you get. Although G5 and V20 already have the same specifications, it still makes us very excited.

Wait there’s more…

The G6 has a 360 panorama mode. So… with this baby, you can finally upload decent 360-degree photos and not the 180-degree photos on Facebook anymore.

Finally, an exciting release from LG. Looking forward to more updates.

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