In a joint research conducted by Sony Xperia and Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson, it has been revealed that consumers are open to more things that they can do with their front-facing cameras than just selfies or as a mirror.

The study surveyed more than 6,500 consumers on their thoughts on how selfies have changed from when it started till now and also what they expect to see the smartphone cameras can do in the future.

Here are the top 10 ways, identified from the report, which consumers believe that they can do using the smartphone camera in the next five years.

  1. Dating – mindreading. Taking a selfie of your date to see what they think about you. (CREEPY!)
  2. Medical – Consultation with a GP
  3. Banking for selfie generation – Accessing banking info by using a selfie as password
  4. ‘Selfie-coaster’ – Able to place your phone securely on rollercoasters to take selfies.
  5. In a gym/fitness – Monitor your fitness and give suggestions on how to improve the workout
  6. Tailor your clothes
  7. In retail – Using your smartphone camera to try outfits in different colours. (This is convenient! Please develop. Please… someone…)
  8. Social currency – Paying using through a selfie
  9. Robots – Using smartphones to control drones and robots to take selfies when one is doing sports or to take selfies of dangerous areas before taking that route. (Good one!)
  10. Home – Using selfies to access homes and cars

The findings from the study have not only found how selfies have evolved through the years but also presented ideas on how selfies can potentially change in the near future.

“The results clearly show that selfies are well on their way to transitioning from frivolous fad to a technological phenomenon, and provide food for thought to a number of industries,” said Dr Pearson, creator of the Future of Selfies report.

“The potential is huge, and it will be exciting to watch this unfold over the coming years.”

So what do you think the future of selfies will be? We hope that it is not the same as Dating.

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