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I own a pair of Marshall Mode earbuds for some time now but I have not been using it since I got my iPhone 7. Instead, I have been using my Apple Lightning EarPods. You know, the ones that came in the box?

It is definitely not because of the additional connector that I have to use just to connect my Marshall Mode. It does not bother me at all to use the connector. The main reason why I have been using the EarPods is because they sound great. I would not say that it is better than the Mode in all aspects. However, I do find that the EarPods have a better balance.


The Marshall Mode have a heavier bass than the EarPods. I love bass, it is not a bad thing but sometimes you do not need to have them unless you are listening to music genres such as Metal, Techno or Trance. It is not really suited for R&B and Soul Music, especially concert music, in my opinion. The EarPods, on the other hand, gives me a better and balance sounding experience. It is not too bassy that it covers some beats in the background.


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One problem I have with the earbuds is that they tire my ears after having it on for some time. The Mode is comfortable when you first pop it in. After around 20 minutes or so, I start to feel discomfort and I have to take them out to rest before I continue or most of the time, I stop listening to the music. The EarPods sits nicely in my ears and I don’t experience the same level of the discomfort.


Both these audio products do not have the noise-cancellation function. But the Mode fairs better in this aspect since they are earbuds. No matter what Apple calls their EarPods, they are still earpieces. External noises still penetrate them though if you have your volume loud enough, they could drown these noises out.


The overall experience with the Apple Lightning  EarPods has been great so far. I did not expect myself to like them so much because they are, you know, standard issues that people normally do not take note of. If you are tired of using your old earbuds and are eager to try something new, why not try the new old Earbuds.

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