X-mini today announced the launch of its first true wireless XOUNDPODS called LIBERTY, which will be available in October for S$69.90.

With more and more consumers looking into wireless audio solutions, the X-mini LIBERTY XOUNDPODS is an affordable option for people looking to trade-in their wired earbuds for wireless ones.

New CEO of X-mini, Hoong He Hin said:

“At X-mini, we place the same level of demand on quality for our products as if we were consumers. we aim to create a true wireless earpod that produces the quality of sound for everyone to enjoy beyond its size. This is the heart of our X-mini LIBERTY XOUNDPODS.”

At its low price point, the LIBERTY is still packed with features that are commonly found on other audio products with a much higher price tag.

Besides listening to music and taking calls through the two microphones embedded into the earpods, they can also be paired independently on another device.


Say you are handing one of the earpods to a friend who needs to use it for a handsfree call, you can pass it to him/her to pair with their smartphone, while you keep yours for your use.

The X-mini LIBERTY is IPX4 splash-proof so that it will work well whether you are drenched in the rain or sweating under the sun.

According to the audio brand, the LIBERTY also features “a 6mm Dynamic Driver with a revolutionary Graphene coating that delivers superior and exceptional crisp, clear sound.”

The battery life that the LIBERTY earpods offer is quite standard. With a single charge, it offers up to 3.5 hours of playtime. The charging case will supply enough juice for up to 14 hours of playtime.

When October comes, you can find the X-mini LIBERTY XOUNDPODS available on x-mini.com and other major online retailers including Qoo10, Lazada, and Shopee.

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