Currencycloud, renowned for simplifying business operations in a multi-currency landscape, has forged a pivotal partnership with South Korea’s MOIN, a cross-border payment expert. This strategic alliance marks a significant expansion of global coverage and heralds the promise of expedited processing times, reduced transaction costs, and fortified security measures for cross-border payments.

At the core of MOIN’s mission is the empowerment of both individual and business customers by slashing superfluous remittance-associated expenses. The collaboration with Currencycloud promises to be a game-changer, enabling MOIN to respond promptly to the volatile foreign exchange (FX) market 24/7. The incorporation of Currencycloud’s competitive FX rates is poised to deliver substantial savings on FX costs, with these savings being passed on to MOIN’s valued clientele. Moreover, MOIN’s operational efficiency is set to soar, as they can now streamline over 33 currencies through Currencycloud, replacing a multitude of providers. This transition promises a swifter, more cost-effective remittance service.

Ilseok Suh, CEO of MOIN, shares his insights, stating, “Our strategic approach is to enhance our services to improve customer satisfaction and be an innovative provider of cross-border payments and foreign exchange. Collaboration with Currencycloud not only provides a fast remittance at low cost, but also offers MOIN significant peace of mind concerning global regulatory compliance and anti-money laundering measures as we expand and enhance our services. By aligning with such stringent criteria, we can ensure the safety of our global customers’ remittances and uphold our commitment to secure transactions.”

Rohit Narang, Managing Director of APAC at Currencycloud, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, noting, “MOIN is continuously investing in innovation and strengthening its payment network to deliver superior quality services to its customers. We are delighted to be part of their solution as they continue on their path of global expansion.”

From left to right: Vivienne Van (Currencycloud), Lew Ching Young (Currencycloud), Ilseok Ian Suh (MOIN), Rohit Narang (Currencycloud), Laura Wilkinson (Currencycloud)
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