TL;DR: Singapore-based WadzPay proudly announces a strategic partnership with BPKH, responsible for managing Hajj finances in Indonesia. This collaboration introduces cashless digital payment solutions for Indonesian pilgrims during their sacred journeys to Saudi Arabia. WadzPay’s innovative Pilgrim Program aims to empower pilgrims, streamline transactions, and enhance their overall experience. Indonesian banks are set to be early adopters of this groundbreaking initiative.

WadzPay, a leading innovator in blockchain-based payments technology, has proudly announced a strategic partnership with BPKH (Badan Pengelolaan Keuangan Haji), responsible for managing Hajj finances in Indonesia. This collaboration is designed to enable cashless digital payment solutions for Indonesian pilgrims embarking on the sacred Hajj and Umrah journeys to Saudi Arabia.

Empowering Journeys Through Collaboration

Anish Jain, Founder and Group CEO at WadzPay, stated, “We’re proud to join hands with BPKH in this transformative partnership. Combined with BPKH’s vision and WadzPay’s blockchain-based Pilgrim Program for payments, we aim to empower pilgrims, streamline transactions, and enrich their journeys.”

Strategic Roles Defined

In this collaboration, WadzPay will serve as the overall program manager. Simultaneously, BPKH plans an immediate pilot project through one of their member banks. The goal is to make e-wallets widely accessible to the majority of pilgrims for the 2024 Hajj season.

Game-Changing Cashless Solution

WadzPay’s Private blockchain-based Pilgrim Payment Program emerges as a groundbreaking and world’s first cross-border cashless Hajj and Umrah solution. This innovation offers ease of operations for issuance institutions, pilgrims, and merchants. The Software as a Service (SaaS) based platform allows multiple issuer institutions in any country to link with merchants in Saudi Arabia, enabling pilgrims to top-up their e-wallets in their home country and spend like a “local” during the actual pilgrimage.

Early Adoption by Indonesian Banks

This partnership positions Indonesian banks as early adopters of WadzPay’s future-ready offering, emphasizing a strategic move towards modernizing Hajj and Umrah finances.

Muhammad Thabrani Nuril Anwar, Head of BPKH Collection Division, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration’s potential impact.

“We’re thrilled to modernize Hajj and Umrah finances, enhancing welfare and pilgrim satisfaction. This partnership shall drive transparency and financial inclusivity,” said Anwar.

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