Unity Launches Safe Voice: AI-driven Toxicity Detection Solution to Foster Safer Gaming Communities

Unity has announced the introduction of Safe Voice, an innovative AI-driven toxicity detection solution from Unity Gaming Services. This cutting-edge technology employs acoustic and semantic intelligence to identify in-game toxicity on a large scale, empowering game studios to take swift action and foster positive, safe, and engaged gaming communities.

Safe Voice utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze unique voice characteristics, including tone, loudness, pitch, intonation, emotion, and context of player interactions, providing nuanced insights in near real-time. The solution seamlessly integrates with Unity’s Voice Chat solution (Vivox) and adds an important safety layer to a game’s player communications toolkit.

Jeff Collins, Senior Vice President, and General Manager of Unity Gaming Services, expressed the company’s commitment to supporting studios in their efforts to protect their gaming communities. “Safe Voice is exemplary of how we’re tackling this challenge with cutting-edge AI technology that intuitively makes what was once a laborious and resource-intensive process more efficient, effective, and scalable,” Collins stated. “We are excited to empower studios with a tool that simplifies combating toxicity and helps pave the way for building safer and more inclusive gaming environments.”

One of the key features of Safe Voice is its proactive and player-initiated toxicity coverage. The solution activates when players flag instances of toxic or disruptive behavior and also monitors potential indicators of toxic events, such as players muting others or abrupt exits. Detailed session reporting dashboards provide teams with a comprehensive understanding of player interactions, allowing them to monitor the health of their community effectively. The overview dashboard shows trends over time and surfaces behaviors that drive the most disruption, enabling moderators to prioritize their responses.

Hi-Rez Studios, the creators of the popular free-to-play tactical shooter, Rogue Company, has recently adopted Safe Voice to address their toxicity challenges successfully. Tony Jones, Lead Producer of Rogue Company, praised the tool’s capabilities: “Safe Voice is a breakthrough tool that has helped us better understand our community. The tool gives us visibility into what’s happening in the game, not only from a trust and safety perspective but also from a general gameplay perspective. The extra data points in the Safe Voice dashboard have been critical for helping moderators identify higher risk users and incidents quickly, allowing us to mitigate situations before they have a chance to escalate in a much more efficient and effective way.”

Safe Voice marks the first product from a suite of toxicity solutions that will be made available through Unity Gaming Services. The solution is currently in closed beta, and developers can request access through the dedicated website.

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